Wipe away those tears

Le Livre Qui Console

We have good news for all you gals suffering from Fall doldrums and those who easily shed crocodile tears… This cute little book is in fact a massive anti-blues weapon that will help you look at life on the bright side.

A real literary nugget written by the divine pen, Marie Salomé Peyronel, this small ultra poetic literary wonder comes a across as an ultra funny and dreamlike treaty in the land of tears « to learn how to dry them more easily».

A playlist that makes you want to cry hence the expression « cry like a baby», the teary interview of Pierre Niney or the mediatized tears of Obama… A spiritual and « feel-happy » parenthesis to be read as soon as possible.

We adore: funny and clever illustrations by Joann Sfar (he’s the one who also designed the universe for the film Gainsbourg).

12 euros, published by Flammarion. In all good bookshops.

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