Waiting for Baby, I am totally organic

You are expecting for the first time and O my God, you are not always sure what you should be doing. Is this good for him or her ? Is it bad for us? Will I ever be able to wear a bathing suit again?...

Careful, babies feel your stress. So in order to spare yourself all sorts of worries, Camille has created a customized boutique for future moms and their little ones from 0 to 5 years old. She will stand by your side from beginning to end, answer all your questions, give you all sorts of good advice as well as health and beauty tips.

Here everything is organic (except nail polish !) ! From baby sleeping bags to cosmetics, as well as jewelry and dishes... Camille has thought of « nature moms» from A to Z. In this small world, everything has been planned to simplify your life. No need to rush around Paris looking for the rare hard to find product, My Sweet Bio has thought of everything. Even of young worried parents who can sit in on « My Sweet baby » workshops for « baby carrying », « baby massage » sessions, so as to be ready to for the moment of birth.

The « My Sweet Time » must : a cabin of treatments for pregnant and young women, that offers massages, waxing, manicures-all organic of course! To look your best and be totally relaxed on D day.

The hot Do it tip: a voucher to be used on the entire boutique, valid 6 months, and a Natura Organics body milk offered.

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