Zabou Breitman’s play

La Compagnie des Spectres

Our darling actress has adapted the novel by Lydie SALVAYRE in a solo staging where she plays all the parts, from her own mother to Maréchal Pétain as well as a judicial officer.

The reason we are smitten : because it’s funny, it’s light, it’s deep, here is theater as we like it. Where History with a big H can be told, where dramas and secrets don’t have to be devastating !

The pitch ? Two women, the mother and the daughter, live without a penny, in a small apartment. The judicial offer in charge of listing their belongings before seizure shows up …

During this long lasting procedure, the daughter talks about her mother who herself talks about her own mother, going back two generations until the family familial drama under the German occupation in France, and the Vichy regime, that has lasted until today, sixty seven years later…

When ? Tuesday to Saturday at 7pm. Sunday at 4pm. Until 29 December

La Compagnie des Spectres

From 18 to 36€

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