Zebra Square, a trendy institution

Zebra Square, terrace

The neighbourhood needed a not-so-uptight restaurant, now it got the one it deserves! Zebra Square has quickly become the trendiest place to go to and have a lovely lunch near Avenue de Versailles. Prepare to eat simple yet delightful dishes, in a very cosy atmosphere. No blasting music, no complicated recipes. Everything is lovely about the place, from the warm smiles of the staff, to the fine cutlery.

We love: the Caesar salad, with or without bacon (19€), and the seam bream tartar with lemon and ginger, so so good!

Kudos for: the classy clientele. You will probably have lunch besides journalists working across the street and fashionistas. Rumor has it Jane Birkin likes to go there...

Just so you know, the restaurant only serves brunch on Sunday


Mon / Fri: 7am - 10pm

Sat: noon - 10pm

Sun: noon - 4pm


Credit photo: Zebra Square Facebook Page

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