Zenzoo, the girly bubble-tea bar à like in Taïwan

Zenzoo Bar Photo Principale

Bubble tea is the coca-light of Taiwanese chicks, the it-drink to sip all over Asia and now in Paris.

Because Zenzoo, this delicious hip Taiwanese small tea salon, is offering at any hour of the day this marvelous girly drink, to be sipped there or to go.

Imagine a tumbler filled with small tapioca pearls to be inhaled with a big straw. A magical drink since these small « zenzoo » pearls have bewitching powers.

So just choose the tea you want to sip.

A milky sweet and cocooning version with matcha, coconut or sesame, comforting like a hot chocolate. Or the fresh version as a tea cocktail twisted with ginger syrup or passion fruit …

4,5€ for a tea.

Where to find it?


2 rue Cherubini,

75002 Paris

?01 42 96 27 28


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