Gather information on the destination by asking all your friends who already went there, in order to visit the most beautiful locations and be sure not to miss anything.

Make sure there are some cool spots to go party: you don’t want to take any chances being bored!

Let yourself be carried by the group, you’ll improvise on site!

You are stressed not to be able to prepare your trip on your own and harass your friends for hints on the destination

You are confident: your friends know you well and are aware they cannot take you to a forsaken place without network

You are super happy: no matter what may be the destination, it will be fab since you will be all together!

The picnic you had planned for tomorrow in that darling corner indicated by the guide

The rosé bottles you need to buy in large quantity, so you can celebrate all the good moments of the day

A unicorn-shaped buoy for the pool; caloric, but delicious ice creams and all the people magazines of the week

You write down all your expenses to make sure you don’t go over the budget you decided on before leaving

You spend without counting: holidays are meant to be enjoyed!

You deal with it day by day, totally cool!

Go ahead with the programme no matter what: you are not going to stay at home and do nothing - there are only a few holiday days left!

Stay in bed to rest, anyway you did not sleep all night!

Rush to an air conditioned cinema to breathe in front of a good summer comedy

Offering her the latest book you adored, so she can enjoy summer and relax intelligently

Privatize the local club and invite all her friends by surprise to dance the night away !

Ask her what she wants to do on that special day, so you are sure not to disappoint her!

Overexcited: you adore spending wonderful moments of efforts between friends

Exhausted: once again you stayed too close from the rosé bottle the night before...

Delighted: it’s really great the girls planned everything for you - even the picnic!

You observe it from afar with curiosity: they don’t have creepy crawlers like that in Paris

You become hysterical: this horror is crawling up your pump!

You laugh at the reaction of the others and go fetch the insect to put it outside

Read: with all the books you took with you, you have to get cracking!

Sip a cocktail, take selfies and check out the guys

Spend your time in the water playing ball with all those who  invite you to

To have breakfast with everyone to organize your day

That nobody speaks to you before your third coffee

Diving in the pool to start a great day