Riding a bike

Elodie, 30: “The day I got my first period, in the middle of summer, my grandmother, who looks very much like Denise Grey in The Party (La Boum), bought me a box of Tampax. “This is the kind of practical move that changed my life,” explained my grandmother. For such simple things as bike riding or going to the pool. But with Tampax, one had the possibility of going to work “like a man” without any problems when you had your period. At the time, it was almost like being a political activist. Many women stayed at home because of the discomfort of sanitary protections when they had their period. And this was a good excuse for men not to hire women … because they were indisposed five days a month."

My father, the hero

Rémy, 54: “My daughter, with whom I lived alone when she was a teenager, was embarrassed to buy her Tampax at the supermarket. It was my chore. And you can perfectly imagine me spending two hours in front of the Tampax shelf trying to understand the tampon colour codes and figuring out the applicators... All the gals would give me side looks as though I were a pervert. So finally, I bought everything there was on the shelf”.


First periods, last slaps!

Jeanne, 35: “You remember the cult film of the 70’s, Peppermint Soda, featuring two teenage sisters that we watched in loop playback all summer long? When one of the girls announces she just got her period, her mother gives her a big slap in the face. I was super shocked. But I understood later that it was a good luck tradition: “First period, last slap,” which symbolized the passage to adulthood. I really find this super old fashioned. My girls will receive a box of tampons and a small gift”.

Love is in the air

Charles, 28: “It was at the beginning of my story with Emily. Back from a week of holidays, I literally jumped on her. She did not tell me it was the end of her period. After we had messed around, the sheets were in pretty bad shape… Emily, who is always very together, was really mortified. I had never seen her like that: totally ashamed. I was very sorry for her… To dedramatize… and never have the problem again: I bought a box of Tampax and a very large and beautiful red terrycloth towel so we could make love on it without worries if we felt like it.”

The white jeans drama

Julia, 22: “I don’t know if I’m the only one, but… Each time I get my period, I go into panic mode. It’s always THE day when I want to wear a white pair of jeans, right when I’m hanging out in a trendy bar… And then, despair: I desperately rummage through my messy bag looking for the life-saving tampon. I am really on edge. And just before totally losing it, when I think I’m a goner, I feel the small tingle of the little Tampax Compak Pearl, that fits perfectly in my hand. Phew!”

The kid sister and her doll

Emma, 15:  “The day my kid sister discovered sanitary napkins hidden in the bathroom and screamed “Doll diaper!!” in front of everybody - don’t ask me why… I let her have one to play with and never used one again! ”.

A holiday fling

Margaux, 17: “Since an entire week I had my sights set on Paul, a super good looking surfer on the Cap Ferret beach. And one morning (finally!), he asks me to go on a boat outing to the Banc Arguin with his buddies… Except that, big hassle, I had my period. So I almost turned him down. My big sister put the pressure on me and gave me a lecture: “You don’t wear tampons in the Summer, you must be out of your mind? She gave me some. The next day, I was parading like a starlet in my bathing suit. At sunset, we were kissing. And it’s been 6 months that we are dating.”

The one

The week of Do It

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