Bonpoint, the stock for deluxe babies

What brand? Bonpoint

What do they have? The Summer collection gets a -30% discount. Sizes start at birth and go up to 12 years old for girls and up to 14 years old for boys, the collections are not limited, a wide choice is offered all year round. Right now, the Summer collection is for sale, and this week the Winter collection arrives in the boutique.

Why go there? To pick up pieces at reduced prices for your kids that grow up (too) fast! If you are sick and tired of spending a wad for clothes worn only for a few months of even less, here, you will find a stock of high quality pieces at very affordable prices for a deluxe brand. Now your kids can be dressed couture from head to foot at rock bottom prices and nobody will know.

During the sales period? You can find a nice cardigan, spotlight piece of the brand at 55€ (instead of 79 € in the boutique), and down to 22€ during the current sales, now that’s a real deal! All the clothing gets an added -40% discount during sales in addition to the usual discount. Our fave: the little slippers in suede for 47€ instead of 110€ in the boutique.


Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Also discover instagrammers are emptying their closets.

Where to find it ?

Bonpoint Stock Paris

42 Rue de l’Université

75007 Paris

01 40 20 10 55

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