The Best Places for Palpate-Roll Massages to Banish Cellulite

The best addresses to banish cellulite in Paris

It’s the anti-cellulite massage unanimously recognized by the medical world. Developed by physical therapy a few decades ago, the palpate-roll method is the most effective for eliminating cellulite, unclogging adipose tissue, and releasing stored fats. Here, we present the best addresses offering specific massages for each.


L'Atelier du Palper-Rouler

The Palper-Rouler center in Paris

The place : In a quiet street next to Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, this simple and contemporary setting offers four cabins that tick all the boxes for feeling good.

The promise : A refined silhouette, light, firm, and smooth legs.

The protocol : 45 minutes of kneading, draining, and firming gestures with a personalized massage cream based on essential oils developed by an aromatherapist. The goal ? To break down fat deposits, boost circulation, and/or smooth out orange-peel skin. The sequence of maneuvers is systematically personalized, depending on each person's desires: slimming down, smoothing the skin, limiting water retention... For an intensive treatment, plan for two sessions per week.

The plus : The results are visible and measurable thanks to the exclusive 3D body scanner.

Palpate-Roll, 45 minutes, €80. Atelier du Palper Rouler, 3 rue Saint Hyacinthe, Paris 1st and 11 rue la Boétie, Paris 8th. Online booking.


La Maison du Tui Na

Tui Na house in Paris

The place : In Asia, massage is considered the most powerful medicine that prevents diseases and health problems. This is the philosophy of this holistic temple that immediately invites relaxation with its simple and soothing cabins filled with exotic scents.

The promise : Tensions are relieved, toxins eliminated, and water retention reduced.

The protocol : Combining Asian-style palpate-roll and traditional Tui Na gestures, the Slimming Combo is a comprehensive one-hour treatment. It starts with a detox massage to purify the body, accelerate toxin elimination, and stimulate digestion, followed by the Asian-style palpate-roll unique to Maison Tui Na to eliminate bulges and cellulite on targeted areas. The ideal frequency for radical effects on cellulite ? Plan for about fifteen sessions at a rate of two sessions per week for the first 15 days, then one session per week for 3 months.

Asian Slimming Combo at Maison Tui Na, 55 minutes, €98. La Maison du Tui Na. Check the various addresses here. Online booking.


Atelier Mood

The atelier Mood in Paris

The place : An intimate setting that tackles cellulite near Place des Victoires. At Atelier Mood, they practice both aquabiking and palpate-roll, the ultimate combo to get rid of accumulated fat during winter, all in one place.

The promise : A transformed silhouette, cellulite eradicated in record time thanks to the combined action of aquabiking and palpate-roll.

The protocol : Alternating aquabike sessions with palpate-roll sessions for a complete process that allows you to get rid of cellulite once and for all. Aquabike sessions are based on almost personalized coaching (no more than 10 people) and are not easy: about 600 calories burned on average by the end of the class. The palpate-roll sessions are highly effective: the practitioners' hands get to work to eliminate cellulite and provide a tailor-made protocol, depending on the desired areas.

Palpate-roll, 1 session (valid for 1 month) €75 / 6 sessions of aquabike and palpate-roll €570. Atelier Mood. 9 rue d’Aboukir, Paris 2nd. Online booking.


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