Where to watch movies outdoors in Paris this summer?

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We have good news for fans of outdoor cinema under the stars. Despite the sanitary measures, Do It in Paris declares the season of outdoor movies has opened officially: from the roof of Moulin Rouge to the XXL lawn of La Villette or a former train station… of course, masks are obligatory.

On the roof of Moulin Rouge

For whom? Real cinema buffs

The place: the Bar à bulles, the incredible vegetalized rooftop hidden behind the Moulin Rouge, in the 9th. This year, Cinéma sur le toit has teamed up with So Film to feature a line-up of masterpieces and nuggets to be discovered while lounging in the deckchairs with a nice little cocktail (€9) and tapas respecting parity with 50% of women directors behind the camera!

On the screen: each Wednesday at 9:30pm, a nugget! To make your mouth water: on the 22nd of July, Shara, a Japanese thriller by Naomi Kawase that was a big hit in Cannes in 2003. On the 29th of July: Afternoon Delight, the success of Sundance in 2017 where Rachel, a desperate housewife from the chic suburbs of Los Angeles, decides to spice up her life by taking a strip teaser under her wing. Or then Born in flames, on the 12th of August: a group of women destabilise the patriarchal structure in a New York on the verge of bankruptcy.

Every Wednesday until the 9th of September at la Machine du Moulin Rouge. Free session with obligatory reservations.

Bar à bulles, 4 bis Cité Véron, 75018 Paris

On the lawns of La Villette

For whom? Those who want to update their classics under the stars.

The place: like every year, the rendezvous is taken at La Villette, settled on the lawns of the huge East Side meadow, featuring a great silver screen classic each night starting at 9:30 pm at night fall. Excptional occurrence this year: you will need to book ahead of time and respect arrival hours—the seats are available starting each Monday for the ongoing week, in keeping with social distancing measures. No deck chairs this year, so think of brining a plaid or then your tablecloth and a picnic.

On the screen: films where nature is an essential component with Jacques Audiard, Hitchcock or Sergio Leone behind the camera. The kick off is Le Grand Bain on Wednesday the 22nd of July, with classics such as Les Moissons du Ciel by Terrence Malick, on Sunday the 26th of July, Into the Wild bu Sean Penn on Thursday the 30th. Then Thelma & Louise on the 7th of August, The Piano on the 12th of August or Le Grand Bleu the 23rd of August.

Family outing: the one and only Kirikou on Saturday the 25th of July, the mythical western Il était une fois la révolution or then Lord of the Rings on the 22nd of August.

Every evening until the 23rd of August. Free session with obligatory reservations. Programme on lavillette.com - © Alain Goustard

On the railway of La REcyclerie

For whom? Concerned green-girls

The place: at the same time an organic cantina, an urban permaculture farm, the green hub of La REcyclerie installed in a former railway stations of the 18th arrondissement is back this summer with deck chairs and pop-corn along the old railroad going around Paris, to watch films every night starting at 10pm.

On the screen: the Gare aux Docks festival programme features 10 ultra committed documentaries focusing on the ecological transition and environmental questions, starting with L’ours simplement sauvage on the 10th or Retour à la Normale, a film halfway between a documentary and fiction, inviting scientists, journalists and defenders of the environment to give their opinion and question us on how nuclear energy is shaping our future civilisation …

© Sylvain Lemarchand

From the 10th to the 26th of August on free obligatory reservations. All the info on La recyclerie.com,

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