A furiously spectacular toothbrush


Straight from Sweden, it’s the most high-tech, trendy and fun object to have on display in your bathroom!

ISSA signed Foréo, the design of this amazing electric wonder combines a very hygienic silicone brush with state-of-the-art sonic pulsation technology offers 10 different, ultra amusing vibrations—very efficient and also very pleasant to use!

Result? After each brushing, you feel that you have just come out of a dental treatment, since the brush cleans and whitens teeth perfectly (ideal for die hard smokers), without harming the gums. In short, it’s addictive!

We adore: its super design and deliciously pop colors. A darling toy! Certainly, it’s an investment (189€), but each device comes with a 2 year guarantee and you only change the brush once a year.

Issa FOREO toothbrush. 189€

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Where to find it?

Bon Marché

24, rue de Sèvres

75007 Paris

01 44 39 80 00


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Vaneau Vaneau

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

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