How to get rid of Winter cellulite?

Slimming oils, refining creams or sculpting serums

During these long Winter months, we had kind of forgotten our hefty thighs, our comfortable love handles and our entirely slightly run down body. Here is a quick tour of slimming creams and oils, as well as sculpting serums to start eradicating these small setbacks and obtain a toned body.

Slim design oil by Elancyl

Huile minceur Slim design, Elancyl

For whom ? Those who have cellulite but also those who lack firmness and suffer from stretch marks.

The plus: filled with caffeine for extra flab, ivy for draining drainage and cameline oil to fight against stretch marks.

The routine: after shaking this bi-phased oil, we apply it morning and night. It does not stick and immediately conveys a sense of freshness.

Result: skin that is nice and soft, smooth, firm and with lessened stretch marks.

Slim design oil Elancyl, €19. Available in parapharmacies.

Gel expert cellulite Cryo Isomarine effect

Gel expert cellulite effet Cryo Isomarine

For whom? Those who have extra flab and small love handles.

The plus: a treatment through cold that naturally targets fat and water retention, but also increases the renewal of collagen fibers.

The routine: morning and evening, massage on the targeted flab, it possible with a glove from the same brand.

Result: you loose one size and recover soft and firmed up skin.

Gel expert cellulite effet Cryo Isomarine, €19.90. Available in parapharmacies.

Body sculpting gradual tan He-Shi

Body sculpting gradual tan He-Shi

For whom? Clever types who want to slim down AND tan.

The plus: a gel formula filled with caffeine for cellulite, but also a progressive self-tan that is going to naturally erase all the small imperfections.

The routine: after your morning shower.

Result: thinner and tanned legs!

Body sculpting gradual tan He-Shi, €22.90

Global cellulite Thalgo corrector

Correcteur global cellulite Thalgo

For whom? Those who have very poor blood circulation and are bloated with water.

The plus: a formula with red algae extract and sandalwood seed that attack the excess of water, an aggravating factor that builds up cellulite.

The routine: morning and evening on the areas to be treated.

Result: skin is smoothed and the silhouettes debloated.

Correcteur global cellulite Thalgo, €22.50.

Celluli Night Coach Phytomer

Celluli Night Coach Phytomer

For whom? Lazy bones who want to slim down while sleeping.

The plus: a sleeping mask texture filled with red algae extract to activate lipolyse and zap fatty cells.

The routine: to be applied, thanks to its ultra melting texture, quickly at night before going to bed.

Result: bye bye cellulite and orange skin.

Celluli Night Coach Phytomer 150ml, €65.

Fée-Moi Fondre Garancia

Fée-Moi Fondre Garancia

For whom? Sensual gals who like gourmet textures.

The plus: its ultra light and zippy foam texture along with a high tech and botanical formula.

The routine: once or twice a day. Shake energetically like a Chantilly spray and spread on the areas to be treated.

Result: instant freshness that makes legs feel lighter immediately. Skin is smoother, firmed up after just a few weeks.

Fée-Moi Fondre Garancia, €35.95. https://www.garancia-beauty.com/fr/74-fee-moi-fondre.html

Slimming Capital by Sothys

Minceur Capital Sothys

For whom? Those who want a safe value.

The plus: a formula filled with green coffee, over-activated caffeine and extract of astragal root to slow down lipogenesis, boost lipolysis and eliminate fat more easily.

The routine: apply in light touches on the areas to be treated.

Result: those love handles disappear with just one application per day.

Minceur Capital Sothys, €50

Natura Slim lait spray anti cellulite Lineance

Natura Slim anti-cellulite milk spray, Lineance

For whom ? Bobos who only want to use natural products.

The plus: a completely natural formula with organic aloe vera, green coffee, caffeine, red algae and essential oils for a tonic citrus fragrance.

The routine: ultra practical with its spray format, it can be applied easily in the morning on the targeted areas.

Result: firmed skin with a visible slimming effect.

Natura Slim anti-cellulite milk spray, Lineance, €11.33

Body fit expert anti cellulite by Clarins

Body fit expert anti cellulite, Clarins

For whom? Those who want to target cellulite first

The plus, the only expert anti-flab treatment that targets three types of adipocytes responsible for cellulite.

The protocol, apply every day from the ankles to the waist.

Results, smooth skin, reshaped, with an immediate sense of freshness.

Body fit expert anti cellulite, Clarins, €81.

Body sliming serum by Eisenberg

Body slimming serum, Eisenberg

For whom? Impatient type As who want to wriggle as fast as they can in their size 36 jeans.

The plus? An exclusive sculpting complex that drains tissues in order to eliminate fat and water retention

The routine: morning and evening during two weeks.

Result: thinner, smoother and firmed thighs in 15 days.

Body slimming serum, Eisenberg, €89.

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