A Poke Bowl just like at the Shangri-La

Poke Bowl

Chef Christophe Moret, who officiates at the Shangri-La palace, shared with us the recipe for the Poke Bowl served on the palace terrace. This famous healthy dish from Hawaii is the new fad of healthy girls. Here is an occasion to taste a deluxe version at home.

For 4 persons:

Preparation of the rice :

The night before, soak the rice, rinse, drain and sauté it in the oil.

Salt then wet like a veggie broth.

Cook until total evaporation.

Set aside and don’t forget to fluff up the rice.

Preparation of the brunoises:

Pit the peppers, as well as the chilli.

Cut up in “matignon”.

Dice up the cucumber in 1cm pieces.

Peel the tomatoes and cut up in a 0.5 cm brunoise.

Wash and leaf the coriander then chisel.

Chop the celery leaves.

Mix together delicately with the rice then place the mix at the bottom of 4 bowls.

Preparation of the tuna:

Ask your fishmonger to cut up the bonito into filets.

Marinate for 1h to in a mix of olive oil, lemon juice and soya sauce.

Once marinated, sponge them and then quickly pan fry (to colour the outside).

Cool quickly then mince into large cubes or nice slices.

Set aside in a fresh place.

Serving presentation:

Present the bonito with the avocados, tomatoes, lettuce leaves on the seasoned rice.

Serve the poke bowl, along with a pitcher of ponzu vinaigrette on the side.


Also discover the californian style poke bowl and the Buddha bowl.

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200 gr of black rice

100 gr or red pepper

100 gr of yellow pepper

200 gr of cucumber

2 vine tomatoes

100 gr of branch celery

1 a bird eye chilli pimento

½ bunch or coriander

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 orange zest

400 gr of bonito fish cut in filets

2 avocados

16 pretty tomato petals

1 heart of leafed lettuce

2 dl of ponzu vinaigrette

2 dl of sweet soya sauce

1 green lemon juice

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