What to Watch in July: Streaming and TV Guide

The movies to watch in July

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through streaming platforms while your dinner gets cold. Do It In Paris makes it easy for you with a handpicked selection of the best movie releases this July on Prime Video, OCS, Netflix, and Arte. Ready? Let’s go!


On Prime Video: I Am Céline Dion

The must-watch film. Since 2008, Céline Dion has been battling stiff-person syndrome, a rare neurological disorder affecting one in a million people. This poignant documentary reveals her struggle, showcasing her vulnerability as she shares her new daily reality—shots, episodes, and difficulty walking—to raise awareness about this condition. Filled with concert clips and family life glimpses, "I Am Céline Dion" highlights her fight against the illness, capturing heartbreaking moments when she tries to sing but no sound comes out. Her despair and sadness are evident, but so is her inspiring resilience.

Why We Loved It: After months of silence, "I Am Céline Dion" offers an unfiltered look at the singer's life, making it a must-watch. She bares it all, even during an unbearable episode (a warning for sensitive viewers). Whether you're a fan or not, this documentary is essential to understand the gravity of her syndrome and bring attention to it.

Available on Prime Video.  

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On OCS: The Graduate

The must-watch film. At 21, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) just graduated and returns home to his affluent parents in Pasadena, California. With no direction, his life takes a turn when he meets Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), an unhappy friend of his parents. Their passionate affair faces complications when Benjamin falls for Elaine (Katharine Ross), Mrs. Robinson's daughter. Jealous and possessive, Mrs. Robinson will do anything to keep her young lover.

Why We Loved It: Released in 1967, "The Graduate" made Dustin Hoffman a symbol of the 1960s youth revolution. Its daring storyline about a young man and an older woman, combined with Anne Bancroft’s stellar performance, makes this a cult classic that balances satire and drama.

Available on OCS starting June 30.  

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On Prime Video: Federer: The Last 12 Days

The must-watch film. With over 1,500 matches, 20 Grand Slams, and 103 ATP titles, Roger Federer is a tennis maestro. Announcing his retirement on September 15, 2022, at the Laver Cup, he had 12 days to prepare for his final match. This documentary features archive footage, personal testimonials, and emotional moments with his “best enemies” on the court: Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal.

Why We Loved It: Fans will struggle not to cry during "Federer: The Last 12 Days" (we were done within 5 minutes). The documentary highlights Federer’s emotional journey, his friendship with Rafa, and his hero Bjorn Borg’s call after his first Wimbledon win. It's a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike to appreciate Federer’s talent.

Available on Prime Video.  

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On Arte: Working Girl

The must-watch film. In 1980s Wall Street, business positions are dominated by men. Secretary Tess (Melanie Griffith) dreams of joining the elite. Under the tough businesswoman Katherine (Sigourney Weaver), Tess discovers her ideas are stolen. When Katherine is bedridden, Tess impersonates her, excelling in the role and countering sexism, with the charming Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford) by her side. But how long can her deception last?

Why We Loved It: "Working Girl" is an iconic 80s comedy tackling workplace sexism. Director Mike Nichols highlights strong women without being preachy. Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford’s charismatic performances make this a feel-good movie to watch repeatedly.

Airing on Arte and available on Arte.tv from July 14.  

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On Netflix: A family affair

The must-watch film. Having a new man in your mother’s life is tough, but when it's your despised boss, it’s a nightmare! Zara Ford (Joey King), personal assistant to arrogant Hollywood actor Chris Cole (Zac Efron), is shocked when he starts dating her widowed mother (Nicole Kidman). Determined to get rid of him, Zara's mission is clear: stop the nightmare romance.

Why We Loved It: As longtime fans of "High School Musical," seeing Zac Efron in "A Family Affair" is delightful. Despite predictable dialogues, the film offers a fun time with a charming cast—Nicole Kidman in comedic roles and Joey King’s frustration with the unlikely, sexy couple. A guilty pleasure for an enjoyable watch!

Available on Netflix.  

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And always...


On Disney+: Diane von Fürstenberg: woman in charge

trailer  Diane Von Fürstenberg : Impératrice de la mode

The Good Movie: In 1974, Diane von Fürstenberg revolutionized fashion with her "wrap dress". Diane von Fürstenberg: Woman in Charge traces her journey to becoming one of the most influential women in the world. From leading the CFDA for thirteen years to heading a fashion empire, Diane von Fürstenberg has become an icon over 50 years. Who better than DVF herself to tell her story? From her childhood in Brussels in a Jewish family that survived the Holocaust, through her first marriage that gave her recognizable name, to her triumph as a woman in a male-dominated industry and facing cancer, she opens up like never before. A true fighter!

Why We Loved It: DVF is the new fashion legend to whom the seventh art dedicates a work this year. We follow the passionate journey of this woman who carved out a place in a fierce industry with her iconic wrap dress. Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Trish Dalton, the documentary features testimonials from Diane von Fürstenberg's close friends, including Oprah Winfrey, Marc Jacobs, and Hillary Clinton. Discover the emotional journey of this legend.

Available on Disney+ from June 25.

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On Netflix: Fatal Attraction

Trailer Fatal Attraction

The Good Movie: Nothing seems to disturb the seemingly perfect life of Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas). This talented and charming lawyer is happy with his wife Beth and their daughter. When they leave for a weekend, Dan has a fling with Alex (Glenn Close), a New York editor. What he sees as a simple affair turns into a nightmare as Alex becomes dangerously obsessed with him, harassing him and threatening his family.

Why We Loved It: A word of advice: don't watch Fatal Attraction by Adrian Lyne alone. This psychological and erotic thriller is as shocking as it is suspenseful, turning into a horror film that keeps us on edge until the very last minute. Glenn Close (The World According to Garp) delivers a terrifying performance as the manipulative Alex, alternating between madness and pathos, creating iconic cinema scenes. Michael Douglas (Basic Instinct), at the peak of his career, portrays a man losing control of his life. A classic that makes you think twice before cheating. A must-see!

Available on Netflix from June 15.

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