5 New Series to Watch in June

Discover the highly anticipated series about Karl Lagerfeld's love life, a poignant mini-series paying homage to Native Americans, a psychological thriller starring Benedict Cumberbatch, an epic set in Moscow featuring Ewan McGregor, and a historical and sensual drama at the court of James I with Julianne Moore. What are the best series of June? Check out our shortlist.


Becoming Karl Lagerfeld

Série Becoming Carl Lagarfeld

For whom: Kaiser nostalgics.

Synopsis: In 1972, Karl Lagerfeld (Daniel Brühl) worked behind the scenes at Chloé's workshops alongside the founder, Gaby Aghion (Agnès Jaoui). Before adopting his iconic ponytail, Lagerfeld was still unknown to the public, but his determination to make a name for himself among the greats was evident. This ambition faces challenges with the arrival of the flamboyant Jacques de Bascher (Théodore Pellerin), leading to a passionate yet destructive relationship. Meanwhile, Lagerfeld strives to surpass his rival and friend Yves Saint Laurent (Arnaud Valois), even at the cost of betraying his closest allies. But Lagerfeld's enemies are watching: spurred by jealousy, Pierre Bergé (Alex Lutz), then head of the Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode, is determined to exploit Karl's weaknesses to destroy him.

Five years after Karl Lagerfeld's death, it was time for a series dedicated to him! But which period to portray on screen? The years from the 1970s to the early 1980s, when the German designer began his ascent. Amidst glamour, oversized egos, grandiose parties, and passions, it's a time of change in the world of haute couture as new stylists emerge and the old guard weakens. Love and hate collide more than ever.

Why You'll Love It: Despite wishing for more scenes depicting the fashion world and the evolution of the German designer's career, the strength of "Becoming Karl Lagerfeld" lies in showing a lesser-known side of the Kaiser. A loving, flawed, delicate, and above all, lovestruck Karl. And who better to interpret him than a German-speaking actor? Daniel Brühl (Rush) excels in what is arguably his best role. Karl Lagerfeld seems to come back to life! Alongside him, the mesmerizing Théodore Pellerin (Franklin), Arnaud Valois (120 Beats per Minute) as a spitting image of Yves Saint Laurent, and Alex Lutz (Catherine and Liliane) as Pierre Bergé, whom we love to hate. A rival worthy of Karl!

Available on Disney+ from June 9.

© Disney+


Little Bird

Série Little bird

For Whom? Those seeking a compelling series to learn more about the fate of Native Americans in North America.

Synopsis: Esther Rosenblum (Darla Contois) comes from a devout Jewish family and is about to marry David (Rowen Kahn). But Esther has an "exotic" air, as her in-laws would say. In reality, she is Bezhig Little Bird, an indigenous woman who knows nothing of her origins or biological family. Weeks before her wedding, memories of her childhood resurface, memories of her life before adoption. Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her adoption, Esther embarks on a heartbreaking quest for identity. She finds herself on her ancestors' lands in search of truth, her unknown family, and herself, discovering another culture that is rightfully hers.

In the 1960s, tens of thousands of Native American children from American and Canadian reserves were taken from their parents to be adopted by Caucasian Americans. Director Zoe Leigh Hopkins tells her own heartbreaking story of this "60s scoop", aimed at ending indigenous descent and culture. She pays tribute to all its victims, highlighting the injustices perpetuated by North American social services and policies.

Why You'll Love It: Some series change your life. Little Bird is one such series, firstly because it sheds light on a dark aspect of American history not widely known in France. Through Esther's story, portrayed by the incredible Darla Contois, viewers are confronted with the horrors Native Americans endured. It's a poignant tale that leaves a lasting impact. Worth noting, all Native American characters are portrayed by actors of indigenous descent, bearing witness to the ongoing injustice and violence they still face today. A must-watch without hesitation!

Available on Arte and Arte.tv.

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Série Eric sur netflix

For Whom? Fans of excellent psychological series.

Synopsis: New York City, 1980s. Nine-year-old Edgar (Ivan Morris Howe) disappears without a trace one morning on his way to school. All signs point to kidnapping, but his father, Vincent (Benedict Cumberbatch), refuses to believe it. Considered one of the city's best puppeteers and the creator of a successful children's show, Vincent desperately plunges into the search for his son but gradually loses his grip. While his wife spends all her days and nights with the police and distributing flyers, Vincent clings to Eric, the puppet Edgar imagined before his disappearance. However, his strategy to keep the monster alive in his show to bring back his son drives a wedge between him and his wife and loved ones, causing him to revisit his old demons: drugs, alcohol, and partying.

The story goes far beyond Edgar's disappearance. Against the backdrop of political elections and social upheavals, this news story brings to light another disappearance that occurred 11 months earlier: that of Marlon, a gay teenager of color. What is the connection between his case and Edgar's? Why is the police so interested in Lux, a wild club full of criminals? And do the frequent arguments between Edgar's parents have a connection? Answers await in the six episodes!

Why You'll Love It: Netflix steps out of its comfort zone with Eric, and it's a success! By addressing mental health issues as well as social divisions, this dramatic miniseries manages to paint a true portrait of 1980s New York. An era marked by drugs, poverty, racism, AIDS, and the disappearance of numerous children. It's these themes that make Eric so compelling, not to mention the main plot. The alternation is successful! The story grips us and moves us because this drama is also a story of love between a father and his son. The culprit? Benedict Cumberbatch (Imitation Game), who has never moved us so much. The British actor uses his voice-changing talent to lend his voice to the creature, allowing exploration of his character's demons in an unexpected and creative way. A gem!

Available on Netflix.

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A Gentleman in Moscow

Série  A gentleman in Moscow sur Canal +

For Whom? Enthusiasts of captivating historical and romantic series.

Synopsis: After the Russian Revolution of 1923, aristocrats and nobles are hunted down, stripped of their possessions, and often sentenced to death. Count Alexander "Sasha" Rostov (Ewan McGregor) narrowly escapes his grim fate thanks to a pro-revolution poem he wrote during his studies. Nevertheless, he can no longer reside in his palace and is confined for life to a maid's room in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow. Amid his stretches in his room, conversations with the staff, and meals strikingly similar to the hotel restaurant's, the days pass in a monotonous blur for this recognizable mustachioed dandy with his ever-joyful demeanor.

A chance encounter brightens Alexander's daily life with young Nina, a daughter of a newly rich Russian, who also feels bored at the Metropol. To break their dull routine, they explore the hotel, uncovering its secrets and dangers. Sasha increasingly enjoys his life in this gilded prison alongside Nina, a captivating actress who catches his eye, and the staff who become a second family. But his jailers lurk, and the increasingly tense political atmosphere over the years reminds him that he is indeed a prisoner of power.

Why You'll Love It: By never leaving the confines of the hotel, A Gentleman in Moscow manages to immerse viewers in the midst of the Cold War, evoking the terror and paranoia of that era. Amidst acts of espionage, everything unfolds in this microcosm that sometimes echoes The Grand Budapest Hotel, a magnificent palace one would dream of exploring. While episodes may occasionally seem long and lacking in action, the series rests on Ewan McGregor's (Star Wars) shoulders, who captivates us in this role as a witness to post-Russian Revolution life. It's a page of history that's also relatively unknown. A must-watch!

Available on Canal+ and MyCanal.

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Mary & George

Série Mary & George sur My Canal

For Whom? Fans of medieval series akin to Game of Thrones and The Great.

Synopsis: How did an English commoner and her son become the Countess and Count of Buckingham? Far from the familiar figure in Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers, young George Villiers rose to prominence at the British royal court through charm and his preference for men. Some context: in the 17th century, under the reign of James I of England, women had no rights to inheritance upon their husband's death. Mary Villiers (Julianne Moore) is one of them, and to escape poverty with her children, she's willing to do anything: even using her youngest son, the handsome and charming George (Nicholas Galitzine), to achieve her goals. After sending him to France to become a courtier, Mary tasks her son with seducing the king, known for enjoying the company of young men. However, he's not the only one vying for the king's favor and must protect himself from threats and attacks from other companions.

D.C. Moore (Killing Eve) brings to light the meteoric and true (!) rise of the Duke of Buckingham and his mother, the epitome of audacity and opportunism, while taking some historical liberties. The result? The deliciously scandalous story of a mother and son willing to do anything to attain power: from the worst vices, betrayals, and manipulations. Even Shakespeare couldn't have imagined all this!

Why You'll Love It: Mary & George has all the elements of a great modern historical epic: power games, morally bankrupt characters, and plenty of sex. Overall, it's the final episodes of the series that are particularly intriguing, with political intrigue, the threat of war, betrayals, and murders giving it a certain Game of Thrones flavor. And as French viewers, we're fortunate not to know the duke's fate. Everything remains to be discovered! As for Nicholas Galitzine (The Idea of You), he doesn't leave as strong an impression, except for his charm. Mary & George hinges inexorably on Julianne Moore's performance, a master of manipulation. A flawless portrayal by the May December actress that both astounds and terrifies us. One thing's for sure, we wouldn't want her as a mother...

Available on Canal+ and MyCanal.

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And also...



For Whom? Die-hard fans of the Pierre Niney, François Civil, and Igor Gotesman trio.

Synopsis: Raphaël Valande (Pierre Niney) dreams of making a film about his grandmother, a resistance heroine during World War II. After writing a script since he was 14, spanning from prehistory to the Vikings to the D-Day landing, he finally starts filming. Everything should have gone smoothly, but the shoot turns into a... fiasco.

Raphaël and his team recount this disaster a year after the chaotic filming began. But this isn't without reason: an amateur director, Raphaël has never held a camera and is trampled by his actors. Meanwhile, his best friend, Tom (François Civil), thinks he's the next Leonardo DiCaprio and begs for a role, while the team suffers from food poisoning and the superstar actor abandons them last minute. To top it off? A team member tries to sabotage the film from within. Raphael tries to find out who while trying to complete his shoot, but the journey is fraught with escalating obstacles.

Why You'll Love It: Eight years after Five the trio formed by Igor Gotesman, Pierre Niney, and François Civil reunites much to our delight! Fans of puns, jokes so bad they're hilarious, and Pierre Niney will delight in Fiasco for a weekend. Although the sketches become repetitive over the episodes (perhaps one or two fewer would have sufficed), the Niney/Civil duo keeps us smiling (special mention for Bartabé). Not to mention the other gems of French cinema: Géraldine Nakache, Pascal Demolon, Louise Coldefy, and even Vincent Cassel. A star-studded affair!

Available on Netflix.

© Gael Turpo / 2023 Netflix, Inc.


Dark Matter  

For Whom? Aficionados of excellent sci-fi series.

Synopsis: Jason Dessen (Joel Edgerton) leads a peaceful life in the suburbs of Chicago. A physics professor at the university, he's married to Daniela (Jennifer Connelly), the woman of his dreams, with whom he has a 15-year-old son. But what if he didn't share his life with her? If he had pursued his career as a physicist? An event can change everything in one's life, and Jason will discover this at his expense after being kidnapped by a masked stranger.

Jason then discovers multiple versions of his life: one where he doesn't meet his wife, another where a winter apocalypse has occurred, or one in which he's a famous physicist. To try to reclaim his own life and family, he travels through these alternate possibilities without knowing if he can escape. But his greatest challenge will be not crossing paths with his greatest enemy: himself.

Why You'll Love It: The multiverse has been trending in cinema in recent years. Adapted from Blake Crouch's novel, the series takes us on a quest for happiness as gripping as it is epic. Each episode is full of twists while remaining plausible, making it a sci-fi series accessible to all. A thrilling plot, twists, and stressful situations: Jason's paranormal adventure keeps us on the edge, making the wait for each episode impossible! As for Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby), he carries the series in this apparently fulfilling lead role. A huge favorite!

Available on Apple TV+ starting May 8.

© Apple TV+


Comedy Class

For Whom? Those who need a good laugh thanks to Eric and Ramzy.

Synopsis: It's a humor version of The Voice! The legendary duo Eric and Ramzy are on the hunt for the new star of French stand-up comedy: the new Eric or Ramzy! First step: candidates are called to perform a sketch to convince the duo. They must select 20 talents from their yellow chairs in Paris, Nantes, Marseille, and Brussels. After passing this first stage, the chosen ones must succeed in challenges: writing sketches in less than two hours or improvising on wacky themes...

Even if some of the candidates have already stood out on social media or on a few stages in France - like Adèle Fugazi, Camille Lorente, or Eliott Doyle - they must make the jury laugh: find the right topics (nudism, no. A bourgeois boxing class, yes!), the right pace, and show A LOT of irony. Among the best, four will be chosen to enter the final. The prize? A €50,000 check and, above all, Eric and Ramzy's recognition. And to help them make their choice, Eric and Ramzy will be supported by their friends Marina Foïs, Jean-Pascal Zadi, Jérôme Niel, Mister V, and Florence Foresti.

Why We Liked It: Even if Comedy Class can be long at times - with some sequences too slow with comedians who don't even pass the first stage or challenges not surprising enough - we have very good moments discovering the most promising comedians of the moment. Make sure to remember some names; some are very good! Comedy Class also stands out with Eric and Ramzy's asides: hilarious anecdotes - like the one about their failed show at Bercy - jokes, improvisations, and kindness towards the participants keep our curiosity awake. We have a great time!

Available on Prime Video.

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