A Californian style Poke Bowl

Recette Poke Bowl

The Poke Bowl is the new chirashi! The most popular healthy dish of it-girls from New York and and Los Angeles, imported staight from Hawaï.

Marabout has published a great book with all the best. Here is our favourite with tuna and same.

For 2 persons.

Preparation 10 minutes

Resting time 30 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

Cut the tuna in 2 x 2 cm cubes. Peel and cut the onions in rings. Cut the avocado in half, then in thin slices and sprinkle with a dash of lemon juice.

Set aside.

Mix the oil and the soya sauce. Add the tuna cubes and mix delicately.

Place in the ice box for 30 minutes. Cook the rice as indicated on the package.

Pour the warm rice in two bowls. Sprinkle with gomasio then add the tuna cubes with the rest of the marinade, the avocado, the crab meat, the cucumber, the o and and the algae..has been absorbed, pour a dash of sesame oil and soya sauce on the fish cubes and vegetables.

livre poke bowl marabout janvier 2017

© Poke Bowl, Marabout Janvier 2017

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200 g of raw tuna steak

2 round slices of soft white onion

1 tablespoon of soja sauce

3 tablespoons of sesame oil

1 tablespoon of algae slivers

80 g crab meat

½ ripe avocado

¼ cucumber

1 dash of lemon juice

100 g of brown or white rice

2 tablespoons of gomasio with algae (sold for example at Naturalia)

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