3 good novels to devour for the May weekends

Livre Noel

A punchy novel that fully echoes #metoo, a biography dedicated to one of the most scandalous figures in English history, a hard-hitting story in the heart of Franco's Spain... There is enough to occupy his long weekends under the sun. The literary nuggets of the moment, it's here that it happens.

The powerful thought-provoking narrative

The good book: Muscled by Alix Laine.

The pitch. It's the year 2000. Marie is 20 years old and leaves her Parisian nest for New York . Studio on the Upper West Side and prestigious school, all in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: the young woman is spoiled. The painting could have been perfect, if only a shadow had not come to obscure it. Something ugly settles over the pages. At school, she is lost and without reference, so much so that the director Dean Marshall takes her under his wing. But where are the limits of their relationship? Where to draw the strength to resist this powerful man? Caught in a dramatic psychological spiral, Marie will find her outlet in sport and turn her body into armor, thus allowing her to express what her brain struggles to extract.

For who ? All those in search of an impacting novel, from which one does not recover so easily. After Madame , which had been a hit and in which the author questioned the toxicity of our loved ones, Alix Laine returns with a punchy book that has not finished talking about him. The writer plunges into the psychological hell of a young girl immured in her own silence and describes the strength shown by a body to get rid of a trauma. Under an apparent lightness, the book shocks and pushes us to many questions. The author proves once again that she has the art and the way of describing the darkest human feelings.

18,50 €


The romance biography of Winston Churchill's greatest secret

The good book: Doris, Churchill 's secret by Stéphanie des Horts.

The pitch. An English woman's bed is her kingdom, she reigns there as an absolute monarch. ” Such is the motto of Doris Delevingne, this young Briton who panicked the chronicle in the middle of the last century. Born in a popular suburb, she dreams of being the rich wife of an aristocrat. By her beauty and her arrogance, she is adored by men and hated by women. From London to Venice via the Irish countryside, the courtesan haunts the most exclusive clubs and the most fashionable restaurants. It was there that she met Viscount Castlerosse, whom she ruined, then Randolph Churchill, whom she bluntly dumped before falling in love with Winston Churchill , whose ultimate crush and biggest secret.

For who ? Gatsby fans , avid readers of historical novels, fierce stories about women who are no less. After The Livanos Sisters and Jackie and Lee , Stéphanie des Horts travels through the interwar period in the footsteps of the most scandalous heroine she has ever met. Brilliantly, the author immerses us in the heart of the Roaring Twenties: atmospheres, costumes and majestic interiors, thirst for life and romantic relationships galore, everything is there. The most remarkable? The talent with which the writer describes this character, both complex and daring, to which we end up becoming unfailingly attached.

21,90 €


The sunny novel with the destinies of inspiring women

The Good Book: Listen to the Rain Fall by Olivia Ruiz.

The pitch. I am the daughter of republican resistance fighters, I don't let anyone touch my freedom and my independence. ” Marseillette, 1977. It is in the café that welcomed her that Carmen remembers the characters who marked her life. There was the hacienda near Toledo , then the Madrid prison of Ventas where Francoism raged, there was a transatlantic liner and above all this café in the heart of Marseilles , in which the fate of the Ruiz sisters would know its first and its last breath. As an outstanding narrator, Carmen paints the portrait of tangy and ultra-inspiring women, who would have sold their souls for their independence, their lives for those of their peers, and who shine with their ardent desire to live in peace.

For who ? All those who are dying to know the sequel to The Dresser with Colored Drawers , Olivia Ruiz 's first novel . The author continues the family fresco inspired by her own Franco-Spanish heritage and delivers a luminous and vibrant story. With accuracy, she travels through the torments of a story forged by the stigmata of exile but in which love always triumphs over violence. An ode to life, to independence, to everything beautiful and less beautiful in existence. A gripping new novel.

19,90 €


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