The best musicals to see in December

Comedies Musicales

Resuming a cult show, show Taulier tribute to the genre, Parisian premiere of a Broadway landmark, trio of singers deliciously barred: what are the must-see musicals in December? To your reservations!

The Producers at the Théâtre de Paris

With who ? A lover of absurd and crazy humor, very stripping.

The pitch? Max Bialystock is a Broadway producer on the verge of bankruptcy, doomed to be supported by old ladies. With his accountant Léo Bloom, as discreet as he is neurotic, he decides to defraud the insurance companies by setting up a musical comedy that will have a resounding flop. It must be said that their farce, ridiculously transgressive and above all totally out of date, takes on the air of Nazi propaganda animated by soldiers dancing happily to celebrate Hitler's party. Except that, surprise: the show turns out to be a huge success ...

Why is everyone talking about it? It was scheduled for last fall. The Producers version 2021 promise to make again the very bankable Alexis Michalik ( Edmond , A love story ), already winner of a slew of Molière for his inspired staging. The Oscar-winning film of the same name by Mel Brooks was adapted for Broadway by the director himself, with his own wacky songs. Better not to walk through the door of the Folies Bergère with a full heart: the most anticipated musical of the moment will delight lovers of dark and wacky humor worthy of the Monty Pythons and the Marx Brothers . Irreverent, cartoonish, absurd and delicious.

Tuesday to Saturday at 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. From 20 €.

The Lion King at the Mogador Theater

With who ? The Disney lovers who envy the big Broadway productions .

The pitch? The lion Mufasa reigns over the majestic African savannah. He welcomes his heir, Simba, like a providence, training him to become a king respectful of all living beings that inhabit the Land of Lions. Only, his brother Scar covets the throne, ready to eliminate his own family to reach it. After a tragic drama (take out the handkerchiefs), Simba is forced into exile and rebuilds his life in the jungle, accompanied by his new friends: Timon the mongoose and the warthog Pumba, epicureans whom no problem reaches.

Why is everyone talking about it? It's THE Disney musical to see at least once in your life, winning 6 Tony Awards and a hit on Broadway and around the world since 1997. The grandiose sets, the incredible costumes with masks, puppets and makeup, the music of course (signed Hans Zimmer and Elton John , just that), the poetic lights, the mythical staging of Julie Taymor adapted in France by Véronique Bandelier , obviously casted dancers and singers · E · s with the greatest care… After having gathered 1.5 million viewers over three seasons in 2007, it is therefore the most awaited return of Paris which occurs again at the Théâtre Mogador , which has become the temple of musical after also hosting Grease and Mamma Mia .

Tuesday to Saturday at 8 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays at 3 p.m. From 25 €.

Cole Porter in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet

With who ? Lalaland and Singing in the Rain fans .

The pitch? Cole Porter is behind the finest musicals on Broadway , from Kiss Me, Kate to Anything Goes . An inveterate playboy married to a billionaire, this icon of the Roaring Twenties spent the interwar years slipping into Paris and drawing inspiration from his greatest shows. On stage, musicians, actors and singers from the company Les Frivolités Parisiennes set out to transcribe these moments spent in the capital through his most beautiful autobiographical songs, before his return to the United States.

Why is everyone talking about it? A veritable spectacular sound fresco, Cole Porter in Paris looks back on the delicious personality of this brilliant man whose wits are transcribed on stage through original dialogues, built from his correspondence. As a bonus: the crazy sets by Casilda Desazars inspired by Cubist painters and his dada costumes, some of which have been reworked from archives of the Théâtre du Châtelet . As the director, Christophe Mirambeau signs a singular work, a true ode to freedom. Note: the dialogues are in French, the songs in English, with surtitles throughout the show.

From December 11 to January 1, 2022. From € 9 to € 79.

Les Coquettes at L'Alhambra

With who ? Her BFF with whom we share all her girlish secrets… or your boyfriend!

The pitch? Three singers, three personalities. One is unable to cultivate herself for reasons of private sales , the other has stopped waiting for Prince Charming and the last one finds no fault. Accompanied only by a pianist (and sometimes a ukulele , a real character of the show), the trio connects their new hilarious, feminist and catchy songs on the subway rubbers , the presiding clitoris , the old age lurking and other nice tackles to these men with colds. (" No, it is not a cancer of the nose ") All always choreographed to the line with, this time, solo pieces and even some philosophical flights around the injunction to happiness .

Why is everyone talking about it? They met in 2008 on the lovely Chedid musical, Le Soldat Rose . Since then, Juliette Faucon , Marie Facundo and Lola Ces have tuned their voices to create Les Coquettes , their jazzy trio with the tunes of Andrews Sisters 2.0 , having filled the Olympia and recently ambianced the first part of Alex Lutz who adores them. More girl power than ever, the thirty-something well in their glitter jumpsuits have the gift of making people smile non-stop under the mask, even laugh frankly with a hell of wanting to dance in rhythm with them. A damn fine musical spectacle.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 9 p.m., Sundays at 6 p.m. From 24 €.


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