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Teenagers definitely belong to a world apart, whose codes and desires are totally a mystery and escape us. Ultimate Christmas puzzle: how to really make them happy? The Do it Team surveyed the best specimens who delivered their wishlist to us, from Paul Claudel to the Alsatian School and Saint-Dominique de Neuilly , including Notre-Dame de Boulogne , Fénelon and Janson de Sailly .

Apple AirPods Pro

Synonymous with freedom and coolness, Apple's wireless headphones (€ 279) are the new holy grail of connected teenagers to “ sit ” on their way to school while listening to The Weeknd , Fever, the latest music video from Angèle , Gambi or Bande Organisée live from her playlist on Spotify or Deezer ...

The alternative ? XXL budget but kif assured with the latest iPhone 12 . Another phenomenon spotted this year: the jewel of a cellphone like Studio Grigri . We customized our diaries, they personalize their smartphones, real soft toys for teenagers.

A Zadig & Voltaire school bag

With the still undisputed success of Darel's 24h in the arms of high school girls (€ 295), the Sunny by Zadig & Voltaire (starting at € 295) remains the reference that continues to delight young girls to bring in binders and notebooks.

The alternative ? The Fusion skull watch (from € 190) remains a must-have to be stylish in college. To play it more “ initiated ”, adults will prefer the latest Timeline nail and leather model (225 €) still signed Zadig, the decidedly cherished label of generation Z.

The Jordan Jubilee

This is the pair of sneakers you need to have to create a sensation at the start of the January school year and take on a street and fashion guarantee at school. So get ready to queue or put your alarm clocks on December 12, the day of the official release of this Air Jordan 11 Retro which will be taken by storm (220 € for adults, 150 € for teenagers), reference to the silver jubilee which celebrates the 25 years of the legendary sneakers embodied by Michael Jordan on the ground of the Chicago Bulls.

The alternative ? La Yeezy (from € 370), the cult collab between Adidas and Kanye West which is causing a sensation in the playgrounds.


If the teenager you want to spoil is addicted to video games: look no further. They all dream of the latest generation PlayStation 5 console, which has all the new advances a geek could dream of: 4K compatible with retracing functionality for insane realism, bluffing for playing Spiderman or Demon Soul . Only problem: it costs 499 €. A gift to be expected in common, therefore.

The alternative ? The new XBox (from € 299), the other geek juggernaut of the end of the year. Why choose it? This machine has two assets that gamers love: the Quick Resume to resume a paused game without having to save it, even if the parents suddenly turn it off. Another great thing: Cloud gaming , a real Netflix for video games that allows you to have access to all the latest popular games without having to buy them for € 12.90 / month and start playing on your smartphone (another good gift idea to offer as a yearly subscription).

The Dior headband

Since its famous Dior campaign , j'adore , the strength of the brand lies in knowing how to thrill the young generation. The must of the moment? Wear a navy blue silk twill with a logo (€ 190) in your hair like a BCBG headband with the most show-off initials possible.

The alternative ? The J'ADIOR chocker (390 €) gold which is a hit in the West of Paris and which all girls dream of for their 18 years.

Urban Outfittersr colored leds

Why would a teenager hang a kitsch garland in their bedroom? Those who surf on TikTok will immediately understand what we are talking about. The accessory of the moment to have to make a successful video, it is these leds stickers with remote control which change color according to the sounds according to the rhythm of the song.

The alternative ? A luminous tripod to hang their smartphone and a professional light for those who dream of Charlie, the American star of TikTok.

A Kitsuné sweatshirt

If you really have no idea and do not know the character to whom you offer it, this piece will do the job. Because the From Future hoodie in organic cotton (€ 79) or the Kitsuné sweatshirt (€ 210), the two chic and mainstream labels of well-dressed young people with sores, are truly a staple of their 2020-21 uniform.

The alternative ? A big The North Face down jacket , the effective basic found on the backs of all boys.

Jacquemus' baby Chiquito bag

The creator to whom the first and last year of chic Parisian high schools worship is our venerated Simon Porte Jacquemus . Its signature it-bag, the Chiquito (€ 425), creates followers and is displayed as the ultimate chic for an evening. In short: to offer this so cute mini-bag in which you can slip Navigo pass, cigarettes and keys, this is the ultimate Holy Grail for the stylish girl born after 2004.

The alternative ? A small Jacquemus prize will have the best effect:socks from the Pink collection (35 €), the keyring in miniature version of the Chiquito (100 €), the logo T-Shirt (90 €) or the bob , another fad of the street teenager.

The Lou.Yetu BO

It is clearly the jewelry brand that appeals to older teens and where we see the prettiest high school girls in Paris lining up and multiplying likes on Instagram. In the craziness of soundtracks, the great chic is to play with the accumulation of earrings on the ear … You choose which ones (25 €).

The alternative ? Offer a breath of freedom to young people with a gift card to afford what they want in their favorite shops: Pull & Bear , Zara or H&M .

Also discover the favorite brands of teens .

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