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For an even better proof to the world that Paris must host the OG in 2024 (#JO2024), the Française des Jeux is organizing on Saturday the 24th of June a rather amazing rendezvous: the “Les 2024 km by FDJ” race, within the framework of the Journées de l’Olympisme that will be transforming the capital into an XXL Olympic stadium.

Running is the new chic, you must have noticed it. In addition to rooftop happy hours, the favourite hobby of trendy Parisiennes is no other than jogging along the pavement of the Seine embankments and the Bridges...

And guess what, we have found for you the most stylish race this Summer. Remember the date: Saturday the 24th of June. Now is the moment to sign up (furthermore, it’s free).

Explanations: in order to persuade the entire world that Paris must host the games in 2024, the FDJ is inviting all those who support the Parisian candidature to #Playthegame of Paris 2024 by participating in a rather amazing event: the “Les 2024 km by FDJ” run, within the framework of the Journées de l’Olympisme that will be transforming the capital into an XXL Olympic stadium.

The high added value of this mythical running? Groups of 30 runners, coached by a French athlete (in general they are rather good looking… so it is said…). Ideal to run with your gang of gals.

For the rest: it’s up to you ! The distance between 7 and 13 kilometers, but also the starting point. A stylish spot like the Eiffel Tower or Concorde… Or simply near your house for lazy bones. In all, the participants will cover exactly 1477 km… Why 1477 km? Because, added to the 20 km covered by experimented riders, who will reach Paris from the Château de Versailles, and the 527 km pedalled by the cyclists on the ephemeral Velodrome Stadium set up place de l’Etoile…it amounts to… 2024km. Get it ?

More good news for those who don’t like to compete or who are just starting out: the running is not timed (phew !). It’s a cool run.

At the end of the race, all the groups will meet up at the foot of the Alexandre III bridge, wearing a coloured t-shirt for a spectacular final gathering that will symbolize the mobilisation for the candidature of Paris 2024. We already feel that your next Insta will bring you many new followers.

Sign up quickly for free on www.2024kmbyfdj.fr.

« Les 2024km by FDJ during the Olympic days,  on Saturday the 24th of  June 2017 from 6pm to 8pm. All the information on www.paris.fr.

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