The avocado tartine of Maison Plisson

Maison Plisson

It’s bound to become the favorite treat of twigs during Fashion Week, a furiously trendy tartine, with avocado and haddock, to order at Maison Plisson, the new foodie hangout.

1. Toast the bread, then cut up in thin slices

2. Prepare the Guacamole: crush the avocado, add the horseradish, lemon, olive oil with a pinch of salt  and Espelette pimento.

With an icing bag, squirt the guacamole on the bread slices .

3. Put small bits of haddock on top.

To be presented with small tomatoes, cut in half, and watercress sprouts.

You can also add diced up cucumber.

4. To be served with a nice mixed green salad.


Also discover La Maison Plisson, the tartine with goat cheese, broad beans and apricots and the savoury tartine with roasted mirabelles.

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Where to find it?

Maison Plisson

35 place du Marché Saint-Honoré

75001 Paris

01 83 97 96 96

Richard-lenoir Richard-lenoir

Saint-sebastien-froissart Saint-sebastien-froissart

Chemin Vert Chemin Vert

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