The star exhibitions of the start of the school year

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The return to school in September inaugurates a series of major exhibitions and retrospectives not to be missed in the greatest museums and galleries, and everyone is talking about it. Tour of the star exhibitions of the start of the school year.

Vivian Maier at the Luxembourg Museum

Vivian Maier au Musée du Luxembourg

For who ? Photo lovers.

The promise ? She is the pioneer of the selfie , the talent on top of that. Inspired by humanist photography , her French origins and American Street Photography , Vivian Maier appears as a figure of 20th century photography. Self-portraits, street scenes in New York, Chicago or Paris, sidewalk chronicles, gestures, details, she explores all subjects in turn, passionate about the social and political changes she observes. What we prefer: the formats of the prints, black and white or color, from the square of its Rolleiflex with its timeless vintage effect to the rectangular frame of the Leica 35mm which creates dynamic, very cinematographic images.

Until January 16, 2022, € 14.50, free for children under 16, book here .

© Vivian Maier

Azzedine Alaïa and Peter Lindbergh at the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation

L'expo Azzedine alaïa et peter lindbergh

For who ? The experts of these two stars of fashion and photography.

The promise ? The Alaïa Foundation pays tribute to the great couturier Azzedine Alaïa and the most famous fashion photographer in the world, Peter Lindbergh . The idea: to highlight the professional and friendly ties forged between the two men, and their love of the dark. We thus discover forty original dresses of Alaïa, accompanied by the black and white photograph of Lindbergh. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and elegance of the models who bring the outfits to life, from Arletty to Naomi Campbell and Tina Turner .

Until January 2, 2022, € 7,book here .

Immobile trips at La Poste du Louvre

L'Expo Voyage Immobiles à la Poste du Louvres

For who ? Those crazy about contemporary art happenings and the FIAC.

The promise ? Discovering the space of the former Louvre Post is a must-go arty this season. Especially with the first major contemporary art exhibition commissioned by the Diptyque house under the leadership of the brilliant Mathieu Cénac and curated by Jérôme Sans , founder of the Palais de Tokyo , far from corporate brand exhibitions. On the contrary, we are indeed in an extraordinary museum installation in a 5-stage road trip between France, Lebanon, Greece, Italy and Japan. Each stopover is marked by the diffusion of a radical perfume in correspondence with the works commissioned from artists such as the sculptor Johan Creten, the stylist Rabih Kayrouz or the visual artist Zoé Paul . A pure treat.

Until October 24, 2021, free, reservation required .

© Ange Leccia

© Gregor Hildebrandt

Prune Nourry at Templon

L'expo Prune Nourry à la fondation Templon

For who ? Those who have always dreamed of being able to touch works of art.

The promise ? Plastic artist and sculptor , Prune Nourry unveils her Phénix project at the Templon Gallery just a few months after having dressed the Bon Marché with her installation “ The Erogenous Amazon ”. Phoenix is an immersion in the world of the blind and visually impaired. And the exhibition is at the height of the creative process: Prune produced, blindfolded, the bust of its eight models, visually impaired people; the visitor, in turn plunged into darkness, is invited to explore the sculptures through touch and hearing, since the recordings of conversations between the artist and his models are shown above each bust. In addition: an experimental short film , and a book entitled Aux Amazones , prefaced by Angelina Jolie .

Until October 23, 2021, Galerie Templon, 30 rue Beaubourg, Paris 3e

© Evgen Bavcar

Moriyama --Tomatsu: Tokyo à la MEP

L'expo Moriyama Tomatsu Tokyo à la mep à La maison Européenne de la photographie

For who ? The fans of the energy that reigns in Tokyo .

The promise ? The European House of Photography offers a “ shock of the titans ” exhibition that highlights the contrasting visions of the two giants of Japanese photography, Shomei Tomatsu and Daido Moriyama , on the Japanese capital. Each photographer occupies one of the two floors of the gallery: chronological hanging for Tomatsu's political and critical approach; abundant scenography for Moriyama who exploded the codes of photography in the 1960s by capturing the snapshot rather than realistic, identifiable and fixed subjects.

Until October 24, 2021, € 11 full price, € 7 for under 26s,book here .

© Moriyama Tomatsu

Georgia O'Keeffe au Center Pompidou

L'expo Georgia O'Keeffe au centre Pompidou

For who ? Addicted to abstract painting and mesmerizing colors.

The promise ? Beaubourg is hosting the first major retrospective devoted to the unclassifiable American painter: from American modernism to “hard edge ” abstract painting , Georgia O'Keeffe has gone through the greatest artistic revolutions of the 20th century. The exhibition presents a hundred paintings, drawings and photographs, figurative and abstract: Texan plains, views of New York, exotic plants and flowers with surreal hues, poetic landscapes of New Mexico ... it is a real invitation to travel that one accepts with happiness.

Until December 6, 2021, € 14 full price, € 7 for under 18s, book here .

© Georgia O'keeffe

Photographic masterpieces from MoMa: the collection of Thomas Walther

La collection de Thomas Walther au jeu de Paume à Paris

For who ? MoMA lovers who regret not being able to escape to New York every four mornings.

The promise ? An unprecedented event: this is the first time that Thomas Walther's iconic collection has left MoMA to be exhibited elsewhere than in New York . Architecture, urban views, portraits, reports, photomontages ... Like an album that would mix genres and approaches, the Jeu de Paume exhibition under the patronage of the Roederer Foundation sheds light on the creative potentialities of the photographic medium, and traces the he invention of modernity by avant-garde photographers, from the Bauhaus to surrealist Paris , including Moscow and New York.

Until February 13, 2022, € 10 full price, € 7.50 reduced price,book here .

© The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Thomas Walther © 2020 The Museum of Modern Art

Anni and Josef Albers at the Museum of Modern Art

l'Expo Anni et Joseph Albers au musée d'art moderne à Paris

For who ? Modern art enthusiasts.

The promise ? Infiltration into the heart of this power couple whose creations, art or design , are today considered to be the foundation of modernism . Students of the Bauhaus school and the brilliant Paul Klee , they dare to experiment with color and optical effects in painting and photography, and showcase craftsmanship with exceptional furniture and textile creations.

Until January 9, 2022, € 14 full price, € 12 reduced price, book here .


and also

Méliès Museum at the Cinémathèque

Musee melies à la cinémathèque

For who ? The experts of the 7th art.

The promise ? Michel Gondry , Wes Anderson , Steven Spielberg , James Cameron or even Guillermo del Toro , Peter Jackson and Tim Burton all, one day, claimed responsibility for the work of Georges Méliès . And conversely, you have to know Méliès' work to fully appreciate the films of his future disciples. Trained as a magician, his poetic imagination is a precursor of surrealism transcribed on the big screen via special effects . This genius is the subject of an exceptional collection to be found in its brand new museum dedicated to the French Cinémathèque . For hours, you can admire the incredible archives testifying to the enchantment of his work, between period photographs, machines, costumes, models and drawings which quite simply tell the story of cinema . Fascinating! And as a bonus: workshops organized regularly to learn as a family ...

And after? We cross the Seine for an ultra-festive burrata-Spritz aperitif at La Felicità , Big Mamma's Italian food market .

Until December 31, 2025, 10 €, reservations on cinematheque.fr

© Olvier Gonord / French Cinémathèque

Picasso at the Rodin Museum and Rodin at the Picasso Museum

L'expo Picasso et Rodin au musée Picasso

For who ? Perfectionists who want to re-explore the work of the two giants of art.

The promise ? Picasso openly disdained Rodin , his elder of 41 years. And yet, marked by a retrospective of the master's work in 1900, there is even talk of a “ Rodinian period ” for the Spaniard. This is evidenced by the dialogue between their works in the Picasso and Rodin museums, which offer a clash of the titans like a cross-exhibition. In the first, more focused on the creative process of the two, there is even a foundry of the Thinker and, mirrored, a monumental Grande Baigneuse with a really similar book. Rather, the Musée Rodin is working to demonstrate the crisis of representation that inhabited artists at the start of the 20th century and the creation of a new mode of representation and the work of matter and forms. In total, more than 500 paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, archival documents and photographs sign an unprecedented cooperation on these two geniuses of modern art.

And after ? We go socializing at La Perle behind the Picasso Museum or at the Rodin Museum café.

Until January 2, 2022, combined ticket 21 €, reservations onmusee-rodin.fr and museepicassoparis.fr

© RMN-Grand Palais, Adrien Didierjean © Succession Picasso 2021

© Rodin Museum, ph. Herve Lewandowski

Also find the carnavalet museum and the Bourse du commerce .

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