The most beautiful committed florists in Paris on a short circuit

Fleuristes Eco Responsable

Short circuits, respect for the seasons, responsible cultivation, celebration of small producers. We are not talking to you about food but about… flowers and a new French-style craft carried by a new generation that is shaking up the codes and rhyming flower power with green vibes. Our selection of eco-friendly florists to switch to made in France.

Did you know ? A bouquet of imported flowers is as polluting as a trip from Paris to London by plane and more than 25 chemical substances .


Born in 2018 from the spirit of Claire and her companion, Fragrance favors French seasonal flowers , trusted by Claire herself at Rungis , as well as producers from Ile-de-France . The artisan-florist dries her flowers herself to offer super Instagrammable bouquets, to keep for a long time at home and also works with fresh flowers for compositions in pastel tones, as responsible as they are cute.

We like: its minimalist frontage and its cocooning interior where you can grab decorative vases.

Bouquet from €25, no flowers per piece.

Fragrance , 14 rue Sébastien, Paris 11th - 115 rue de Turenne, Paris 3rd.

Desiree Flowers

Désirée Fleurs is the trendy and militant café-florist created by Audrey Venant and Mathilde Bignon . Their mission? The local thoroughly! They compose rustic bouquets with roses, tulips and even 100% French dried flowers. Another singularity: there are ready-to-use kits for planting your vegetable garden on the balcony with an assortment of perennials or a strawberry-tomato and aromatic herb combo.

We like: the bouquet-wine pairing with a bottle of natural wine selected by David, the Substrats wine merchant , in the same committed spirit as the florists. Birds of a feather flock together.

Bouquet from 35 €

Desiree Flowers 5 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 11th

The Flower Truck

Two women, one passion: flowers. Justine Hadjinazarian is leaving the adventure in 2022 to let Virginie Bonnet continue the story of Le Camion à Fleurs , an innovative, modern and committed flower truck . Direct from the markets , magnificent ethical bouquets mainly composed of seasonal flowers such as tulips, ranunculus and anemones but also poppies and wallflowers, with a fine selection of rare flowers from our regions, sometimes unknown.

We like: finding Virginie live from the markets in eastern Paris and shopping for her freshly dropped bouquets on Thursdays at La Cave de Montreuil , at the Superfrais in Paris 20th and on Fridays at the Épicerie Tout bon, Paris 20th , at the small grocery store in Montreuil .

Le Camion à Fleurs , Saturdays Place Jacques Duclos in Montreuil and Place du Vel d'Hiv in Lilas, Sundays at the Marché d'Alibert in Paris 10th.

Flowers from here

A precursor label of ethical flowers, Fleurs d'Ici offers highly poetic bouquets with a very English spirit. Hortense Harang and Chloé Rossignol , pioneers of the green flower movement , offer flowers from small producers and for all profiles, from girlfriends to new dads. Their bouquets are colorful fireworks, proof that creativity always wins.

We like: your bouquet of flowers is meticulously wrapped in kraft sheets and carefully tied with raffia. We remain ecological until the end.

Bouquet from 46 €

Delivery via

© Brontie

© The Semis

Mr Margaret

We no longer need to introduce Monsieur Marguerite , the first start-up florist who changed the codes of the profession with compositions of ultra-Instragrammable folk flowers and wild stems delivered all over France. What we know less is that Monsieur Marguerite is sourced exclusively from producers of flowers made in France, such as this sumptuous surprise bouquet of anemones for your mom or your BFF.

We like: the stunning design of the kraft packaging, furiously in tune with the times.

Bouquet from 30 €

In delivery via .

Eucalyptus Paris

We adore the creations of Eucalyptus Paris . In bouquets, in domes, romantic and singular, these flowers amaze with their beauty and their exquisite scents with varied aesthetics and colors. For spring , impossible to resist the assembly of tulips, ranunculus, anemones, peony and alstroemeria, because each composition is, of course, imagined in accordance with the seasons.

We like: Creative workshops, for adults and children with or without occasion! The flowers, the material everything is provided, you just have to bring your creativity.

Bouquet from 40 €

Eucalyptus Paris 5 Place de la Porte de Saint-Cloud, Paris 16th


Yum Yum Yum ! For your decoration or for your stomach, Fleurivore is the first edible and eco-responsible bouquet " from the roots to the end of the petals "! The flowers are local, untreated and… delicious. Ready. Spring based on hibiscus or even lovage flowers Improvise or follow the recipe sheets provided, for a gourmet kif to enjoy without moderation.

We like: The flower-eating experience . The concept: we send you a bouquet of edible flowers, as well as recipe cards to make your bouquet a real little dish!

Bouquet from 41 €

Fleurivore 4 rue De Belzunce, Paris 10th

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