A marvelous tartine of goat cheese, mint and mirabelle

Recette Tartine Mirabelle

Ideal for a last-minute preparation, this small ultra light and veggie
tartine is ideal for a TV dinner or to be enjoyed at happy hour

© Emilie Guelpa

For 2 persons


Toast the slices of bread. Set aside.

Cut and pit the mirabelles. (Or unfreeze them).

In a pan, slightly cook the mirabelles and asparagus tips with a little
olive oil. Set aside.

Spread 50g of fresh goat cheese on each bread slice.

Place the mirabelles and asparagus tips on top.

Sprinkle with pine nuts.

Add a few mint leaves.
Salt, pepper.

And pour a dash of olive oil.


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- 2 large slices of country bread

- 100g of fresh goat cheese

- 100g of green asparagus tips

- 100g of fresh or frozen mirabelles from Lorraine

- A few mint leaves

- 20g of pine nuts

- Olive oil

- Salt

- Pepper

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