How did you become the Queen of Parisian detox?

Hahah ! I see myself more as a little bee buzzing about, working for the beehive, rather than as a Queen...

When I started out 5 years ago, I was the only one of my generation interested in natural healthy eating, in fact my friends teased me because they considered my preoccupations were old hat (organic markets, local craftsmanship, healthy lifestyle…  At 20 years old, you tend to be more into burgers, nightclubs, cigarettes and long sleepless nights…

My difference became a strength… And finally, with humor and auto-derision as my soft "weapons", people began following me.

I learned a lot from my elders while following new trends, combined with my naturopathy studies (at CENATHO in Paris) I quickly acquired a credibility and an important position in the Parisian detox universe!

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