Hair and waxing: VIP services at home

Rather than waste your time running to the hairdresser after your waxing session, why not try the star system with pros at your disposal.

Go to the Popmyday site or application, make your choice (blow dry, waxing, make-up, manicure…) and the rendezvous location (home, office…). In 2h max, a pro shows up with all the equipment, fab!

The price is set upon ordering (count from 34 to 59€) and the amount is deducted once the service is done, so no bad surprises.

The plus? A super team, available every day from 6am to 10pm, even on Sunday. You can even take a fitness of yoga class.

Tops, the price drops if there are several persons. A great way to organize fun beauty parties with the gals.


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