The cobblestones that will obsess you this summer

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Want to forget everything about the time of 500 pages filled with emotions and adventures? Nothing better to clear your mind than to immerse yourself in inlachable and obsessive cobblestones during your vacation. Family saga, historical novel, spy investigation, social frescoes… Our favorite booksellers have guided us to keep you occupied during your summer.

Your suitcase is not ready to accommodate these heavy novels? Don't panic, most of these books are already in pocket and are available digitally!

The best Italian saga

Roman de Catherine Banner, éditions Pocket

For who ?

The dingoes of Downton Abbey and Elena Ferrante's Italy.

The Good Novel: The House by the Night , Catherine Banner

Prepare to isolate yourself for a good part of the holidays to accompany the life of the doctor Amedeo who, at the beginning of the 20th century, settled on the island of Castellamare , opposite Sicily . Here you are plunged into the drought and aridity of southern Italy , the Mussolini regime, a hateful rivalry between two brothers, an impossible love story and family secrets ... In short, the good recipe for literary addiction .

The house at the edge of the night , Catherine Banner, Pocket, € 8.60

The best compatible Netflix

Roman de Kate Morton, éditions Presse de la cité

For who? The're addicted to series (Handmaid's Tale, The Crown or 13 Reasons Why) that bouquinent only summer

The Good Novel: The Prisoner of Time, Kate Morton

While rummaging through old boxes, Elodie , an archivist, discovers a leather bag containing a drawing of an old house and a photo of a beautiful woman who does not seem foreign to her. The investigation into this bag will lead Elodie to lift the veil on a drama that occurred more than a century earlier .... For Stanislas Rigot , bookseller, there is no doubt: "it is really the great holiday novel in all its splendor. It's a story with a drawer that grabs us from the start

The prisoner of time , Kate Morton, Press of the city, € 22.50

The best Parisian pavement

Roman de Gilles Schlesser, éditions Pocket

For who ?

People nostalgic for the Boussardel -style romances with Philippe Hériat's Golden Grids .

The good novel : Parisian saga - A balcony over Luxembourg , Gilles Schlesser

Follow a family of the Parisian bourgeoisie during the dark hour of the occupation: if Pierre refuses to take over the family business to focus on education, his brother Amédée does not hesitate to get involved in collaboration to commit heinous crimes . Why will the balance of this traditional family shift during the Vel d'Hiv roundup ? Good news, the saga is divided into three volumes that take place from 1942 to 2003! What to feed you all summer ...

Parisian saga - A balcony over Luxembourg , Gilles Schlesser, Pocket, € 7.50

The best spy novel

Roman de D.B John, éditions Les arènes

For who ?

Nostalgic for Homeland and the extraordinary best seller I'm Pilgrim .

The Good Novel: The North Star , DB John

Stanislas Rigot , Lamartine's bookseller is categorical: “ it's a book that is bound to please: in addition to an addictive plot that sets in quickly, this successful page-turner takes us on a tour of North Korea and its mind-blowing rules. ".

When Jenna learns that her twin has been kidnapped in Korea, she decides to join the CIA to save her sister. A James Bond in the land of Kim Jong .

The north star , DB John, The arenas, 22 €

The best page-tuner

Roman de Marie Sizun, éditions Folio

For who ?

Fans of the Scandinavian characters of Camila Läckberg , lovers of beautiful prose à la Pierre Lemaitre and auto-fiction à la Annie Ernaux .

The good novel : The Swedish housekeeper, Marie Sizun

In this delicate and moving novel, the author paints a portrait of his Franco-Swedish ancestors who lived at the end of the 19th century to question the true role of Livia, the Swedish governess hired by Léonard Sézeneau , a French merchant established in Stockholm , to assist his young wife in the education of their four children ...

Good news, once this novel has been devoured, a second novel by the author ( The blue-eyed sisters ) will open its arms to you!

The Swedish housekeeper , Marie Sizun, Folio, € 7.90

The best western

Roman de Hernan Diaz, editions Delcourt

For whom ? Fans of Django Unchained, nostalgic for Sergio Leone and the world of saloon.

The good novel: In the distance , Hernan Diaz

The green light from the bookseller to rush on this great American novel? “ This crush is a magnificent epic through a great initiatory journey . In the 19th century, two kids fled Sweden and poverty to settle on the American coast. But the brothers lose sight of each other at the embarkation port. Problem: the little hero does not speak English and embarks, without his brother, on a boat in the wrong direction. Arrived on the American west coast , it is on foot that he will cross the United States to become both a man and a legend, crossing his path with criminals, Indians, cowboys and lawyers.

In the distance , Hernan Diaz, Delcourt, € 21.90

Thanks to Stanislas Rigot from the Lamartine bookstore (118 rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris) and Frédéric Lapeyre from the Tome 7 bookstore (81 rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris)

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