The prettiest outdoor pools in Paris

Les Meilleurs Piscines Outdoor of Paris

It's too hot to work. We all want to swim. That's good, here is the list of the prettiest and most unusual outdoor pools to cool off in style. And splash!

Rent an apartment with a rooftop pool on Airbnb

Rent a swimming pool on a rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower with Rbnb

If the idea of squatting a municipal swimming pool terrifies you, we have the idea of the year. A beautiful apartment like a terrace suite with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower in the heart of a high-end residence near Les Gobelins . Surprise on the top floor: a swimming pool with a view of the rooftops of Paris, unearthed on Airbnb … It feels like Melrose Place .

At €140 a night, this is a nice surprise for chilling and sunbathing when leaving the office. Just take your swimsuit, enjoy the pool and the view! Too easy. The extra thing? A fitness area and a ping-pong table, enough to maintain or start sculpting your summer body.

Reservations on airbnb.fr

Take a splash in the Seine at Joséphine Baker

Outdoor swimming pool next to the Seine on the Quai François Mauriac

After having plunged into the Joséphine Baker swimming pool , a veritable 25m “ inflatable ” pool placed on the water, you have the impression of doing your lengths on the sky-blue Seine, alongside the BnF. This is the real charm of “ holidays in Paris ” with a beautiful sunbathing area like on a boat at stake for only €3.60. His little extra thing? The Dynamik Fins and other activities to build your buttocks and shape your legs...

Reservation of your mandatory time slot on moncentreaquatique.com . Admission: €6.50.

Joséphine Baker swimming pool , Quai François Mauriac, Paris 13th. 01 56 61 96 50.

Squat the house of a left bank billionaire

Rent a house with swimming pool with Collectionnist

Maison Latine is the dream vacation villa: a fantastic barrack with fireplace, garden, rooftop, swimming pool and 5 bedrooms to chill with friends. Except that this residence is not located in Le Perche, Lubéron or Puglia… But on the left bank, a stone's throw from Odéon. Here, here.

We let you imagine the price of this little gem which must belong to a boss of the CAC and drool... Unless. The brilliant luxury home rental site Le Collectionist sells this dream spot at 25k per week. Divided by 10 friends, that's €357 a night. And there, it begins to be considered for a real luxury kif.

Info and booking on lecollectionist.com

On the rooftop of a trendy hotel

The swimming pool on the rooftop of The Student Hotel Paris at La Défense.

A rare fact, The Student Hotel Paris La Défense hides on its roof a swimming pool ideal for lengths and solarium - style deckchairs . The golden opportunity to spend a summer night in one of its stylish rooms. Remember to book your dip slot: covid requires, access to the pool is limited to 15 people with one hour per day and per customer (with the possibility of exceeding a little if no one takes over!).

From €70 per night. The Student Hotel Paris La Défense , 56 rue Roque de Fillol, 92800 Puteaux. 01 49 03 51 00

To think of yourself as a Parisian member of a private club in the Bois de Boulogne

Outdoor swimming pool at the Porte de Vincennes

Who has never dreamed of infiltrating a private club with a swimming pool like at the Cercle du Bois de Boulogne ? We found something better: the €3.50 version on the Porte de Vincennes side , with a 50-metre public pool and another 25-metre reserved for sports clubs. Enough to enjoy the comings and goings of beautiful swimmers from the lawn.

Note for the more adventurous: in the evening, the swimming pool is reserved exclusively for Parisian nudists . A good way to learn about the new trend made in Paris, which has reopened its first naturist area in the Bois de Vincennes since May 19. All naked!

Open every day. Admission €3.50. Two pools of 50m and 25m.

Roger Le Gall swimming pool , 34 boulevard Carnot, Paris 12th. 01 44 73 81 12

© oriane_hdn on Instagram

Do your lengths in a listed historic monument at the Butte aux Cailles

Butte Aux Cailles outdoor swimming pool

This is the promise of the extremely chic Butte Aux Cailles swimming pool … It must be said that the sublime setting of this 1920s establishment could be the perfect setting for a film.

Its 25m outdoor pool is idyllic and deliciously “ no kids ” since a small 12m pool next to it is reserved for them (phew!). And don't forget the superb solarium , ideal for reading in the fresh air, just like on vacation. All for 3 francs six sous.

Open every day. Admission: €3.50.

© justinem_d on Instagram

Buttes aux Cailles swimming pool 5 place Paul Verlaine, Paris 13th. 01 45 89 60 05.

Swim in the most sublime swimming pool at Molitor

Outdoor swimming pool at the 5-star MGallery hotel

Socialist sirens no longer swear by the Molitor swimming pool , a 46 m gem from the 1930s that has been completely revamped into a very couture club swimming pool within the 5-star MGallery hotel .

Phew, if you dream of spending a whole day there getting pampered, it won't necessarily cost you a month's salary... The summer must-have: the Evasion offer (from €280) which includes a 1 hour session at the SPA by Clarins with access to the pools, hammam, sauna, fitness room. The hotel has provided privileged and fresh access for Parisiennes in need of a luxury swimming pool who have booked their treatment. The ideal break for working girls.

The other option in the event of an acute heat wave? Absolutely take a room with air conditioning to swim with the setting sun + take a dip in sunrise mode. From 250 .

Piscine Molitor 13 rue Nungesser et Coli, Paris 16th. 01 56 07 08 50.

Laze by a Miami Style pool!

Outdoor swimming pool at the Off Paris Seine floating hotel

You have no doubt already heard of OFF Paris Seine , the first floating hotel in Paname. His particuliarity ? It has a super luxury 10m swimming lane to make the members of the Racing green with envy .

If you dream of diving there, now is the time to test the hotel and treat yourself to a tropicool Parisian break. Nothing could be simpler: book a cool room (air conditioning is good sometimes) with a porthole and a view of the water, put on your little swimsuit . All that remains is to dive in and order a cocktail while we dry off.

Room from €142 per night. Pool accessible to hotel guests.

OFF Paris Seine 86 quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 13th. 01 44 06 62 65.

Play the sirens on the lawns of Neuilly

Outdoor swimming pool and garden at the Neuilly-sur-Seine aquatic center

Clean, huge and with lots of activities, the Neuilly-Sur-Seine swimming pool is a little secret nugget. An ideal spot to alternate lengths and idleness all day long, popular with locals.

After your kilometer of breaststroke or the circuit-training (trampoline, aqua-bike, rubber band), go chat and polish your tan on the lawns of soft grass in the shade of pines and palm trees.

Admission (€6.40). Group lesson (€13.50). Please note: access reserved only for residents or people working in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Neuilly-sur-Seine aquatic center 27-31 boulevard d'Inkermann 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, 01 55 62 62 70.

Put on the Manaudou jersey in an outdoor Olympic swimming pool

Outdoor Olympic pool

Athletes do not have the monopoly of 50m pools to do their little sport. The Georges Vallerey swimming pool hosts the French swimming championships, but not only. The twigs also come to squat the competition pool to indulge in Indian swimming, breaststroke and other exercises for neophytes in need of a bikini body . All while sunbathing, of course, thanks to the sunroof.

Everyone has their own pace: we fall back into the line of slow people in case of a slack. Top: the many courses to turn into a bomba in a short month with AquaGym , AquaRunning , AquaPalmes , AquaBike ...

Admission without reservation (€3.50), €7 per sports activity.

Swimming pool Georges Vallerey , 148 avenue Gambetta, Paris 20th. 01 40 31 15 20.


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