The most colorful salad of spring!

Recette Salade De Printemps

Beautiful, healthy and delicious, this spring salad will make you see all the colors.

For 4 people

Preparation: 15 minutes


Shell the peas and set them aside. Make zucchini tagliatelle

using a peeler.

In a hot pan, without fat, brown the pine nuts for a few

minutes over high heat: be careful, it's very fast. Reserve them.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. In a salad bowl, mix the tomatoes ,

tagliatelle with zucchini, raw peas and pine nuts toasted pine.

Add the crumbled feta, then the onions cut into wedges and the chopped basil .

Pour in olive oil and vinegar and season to taste.

Serve chilled.

Livre de recette de Carinne Teyssandier, éditions Hachette Cuisine

Extract from the book A la table by Carinne Teyssandier , by Carinne Teyssandier, photographs: Emanuela Cino, styling: Ayumi IIda, at Hachette Cuisine.

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