Jewellery: the 5 commandments of spring

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The high priestesses of fashion will all tell you: each season has its new obsessions. And it’s the same thing with jewellery. Parisiennes take out their most good looking jewellery pieces to enhance style, dress up a t-shirt or a deep cleavage and light up their face. However, you need a good address to find these precious pieces.

As far as we’re concerned, we have found our supplier: the French flagship Histoire d’Or imposes itself as the ultimate temple to treat yourself to earrings, brooches, pendants, necklaces and bracelets for every style and budget. Just follow our 5 fashion commandments for Spring to grab these gold nuggets.

Go for the palm style

To follow the wild jewellery trend of the palm leaf.

brooch in yellow gold (€299), ring in gold plate (€49), ear jewel in silver (€59), bracelet in pink gold plate (€79)

Adopt a bee (or two)

The fetish animal of Napoleon I is more than ever in fashion.

necklace in yellow gold (€149), bracelet in gold plate (€45), silver ring (€29),

earrings in gold plate (€39)

Feathers galore

To stroll in balmy weather with lightness.

silver reed (€119), silver earrings (€35), silver necklace (59 €), silver ring (€29)

Swim in blue waters

Because it’s THE colour this season for jewellery.

mosaic ring in white gold and sapphire topaz (620 €), necklace in white gold and sapphires (399 €), ring in white gold and topaz (469 €), earrings in white gold, topaz, sapphires and diamonds (399 €)

Luck is in the air

With a four-leaf clover of Celtic inspiration.

pendant in yellow gold (€45), earrings in gold (€39), charm in yellow gold (49 €), pendant in gold (€85)

Discover other treasures on and in the 350 shops all over France.

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