Suction cup therapy: the latest chic!

Suction cup therapy: the latest chic!

Here is the Chinese anti-burnout treatment to adopt as quickly as possible, just like business women on the edge of a breakdown. When they feel down and out, they go for an energy refill to Lanqi Spa, a fabulous Chinese beauty spa, offering absolutely unique treatments in Paris, attracting inside-track working girls from all over the world.

This magical treatment? A technique as old as China, pillar of Chinese medicine, for instant reboosting. Concretely, suction cups are applied on acupuncture spots and painful parts of the body to suck in the skin … and all your small ailments! Careful: possibility of marks.

The high virtues of suction cups? An XXL and express detox: they evacuate all the toxins, dry the body, decongest skin and get circulation flowing. Result? You come out feeling super light, totally reboosted, no headache, no more muscular pains, breathing problems...

A must for those who have sleeping issues tendinitis, breathing problems….

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Price: 30 € for 20m

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Where to find it?

Lanqi Spa Saxe

48, avenue de Saxe

75007 Paris

01 44 38 72 05

Segur Segur

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