The most advanced ski brands to show off on the slopes

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This is the existential question of the winter sports fashionista. How to be a pretty kid on the slopes restaurants and display a remarkable pace in the tail of the ski lift?
Jumpsuits that sign a haughty silhouette, sublime accessories that keep you warm, unexpected colors and sublime prints to spot... What are the most stylish labels?


They are to luxury skiwear what Louis Vuitton is to trunks: the ultimate reference. German house born in the 1930s, Bogner , avant-garde in technical clothing, invented the first stretch fuseau that the heirs to winter sports in Saint-Moritz or Gstaad have never stopped wearing, like of the national ski team. Always as desirable, the label reinvents itself from collection to collection more desirable than ever with palettes of colors and sublime lines.

We love… the insane wool leggings (€299 ) or the ski pants and spotted on all the sylphish silhouettes in Switzerland. And if you match it with the ultimate warmth and technicality of the Sanja puffer jacket (€1,499 ) in waterproof goose down, it's the ultimate dream.


It's the iconic uniform of it girls and New York celebrities for skiing in Aspen or Sundance Resort that seems to have always existed... Yet the success story of this brilliant label began in 2014 when Jane and Cody Seim decided to create clothes ski girls after their Sun Valley wedding at an Idaho ski resort . The result is a collection of suits made in the USA, with a terribly 70's spirit , which has become a best-seller for high-end skiers.

We love: theCordova jumpsuit at €990 which has a mermaid silhouette in the snow.

Chloe x Fusalp

We will not insult you by introducing you to Fusalp , the iconic French brand of 70's skiwear which is carrying out a trendy revival that has become a textbook case in fashion marketing. The climax of elegance is obviously the collaboration that combines fashion and technique, now perennial, with the Parisian fashion house Chloé . In short: the mood board of any Parisian skier worthy of the name.

We love… the helmet (€590) which brings a couture touch to safety and appears as a sharp accessory and less of a fashion victim than the designer mask (€330). And if you have the budget: invest of coursein the ski jacket in technical fabric and shearling (€1,790).

The North Face

Who would've believed that ? The North Face is a sportswear label made in San Francisco which experienced its first big influence in the 80s with pastel and fluorescent shades in the middle of colored hair and mohawk cuts. The quality of its sportswear and its effective value for money will establish it as an unbeatable icon brand from generation to generation in the same vein as Timberland or Nike . Evidenced by the maddening success of down jackets, ultimate stars of high school classes, found on the backs of all GenZ.

We love: the imposing yellow outfit , ideal for braving the cold at €500. And for the youngest who want to do 2 in 1 (skiing + recreation) the down jacket , ideally pink or sky blue (€300) is just right.


Isabel Marant x My Theresa

General panic among the Parisiennes. When the favorite designer of fashion editors and stylish girls teams up with MyTheresa to create an exclusive ski capsule, it's bound to be a hyper-inspired dressing room imbued with the inimitable style of Isabel Marant that makes you want to hit the slopes. even if you are a creature of hot sands… Phew: the style of its snow pieces are so cool that they will give the ideal street & winter touch on a chairlift as in the city.

We love: the super graphic Lapaz bandeau combo (€110) with logo toupee mittens (€260) and fluffy après-ski boots (€550) to match with a sublime yellow and raspberry puffer jacket (€690) or the inimitable silver ski pants (€550).

Perfect Moments

Perfect Moments is the story of Thierry Donard , a Chamonix ski champion converted into the production of sliding sports documentaries who dreamed of dressing the pros in sportswear that is as sharp as it is beautiful and photogenic. A successful bet, judging by the instagrammable capital of her outfits, a true fashion dada of all influencers (we no longer mention mayadorable , style tonic , zinafashionvibe ) on a chairlift or at La Folie Douce.

We love: the different down jackets (€760), jumpsuits (€835) or trousers (€505) that revisit the houndstooth in a winter sport version, the brand's recognizable signature among all.

Tommy Hilfiger x Rossignol

The cool association of the French ski reference Rossignol with the ultimate guarantee of New York fashion Tommy Hilfiger , it necessarily gives the super desirable and durable capsule that will stand the test of time without ever getting tired of it...

We love: the ski jacket that goes perfectly with the whole collab ski jacket + leggings .

Moncler Grenoble

In the Moncler success story I ask? Moncler Grenoble, the line born in 2010 from the Franco-Italian brand, specially designed for mountain adventures, which combine high-tech materials, retro inspirations, hyper-functional details and formidable protection even in a snowstorm...

We love: their most pop pieces that tinge technicality with coolness like the Plumel down jacket (€1,450), from the Moncler Grenoble x Naj-Oleari collaboration by Moncler Genius, taking up the traditional cut of quilted bombers or even gold to assume die-hard contemporaneity.

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