Possession, the addictive ring of Parisiennes

What is the obsession, the luxury item that all couture gals dream of owning? « Possession », signed Piaget, a furiously singular upscale jewelry piece, that all the fashion editors, red carpet actresses as well as free and sophisticated urbanites, —always on the go—, are wild about … « Turn and the world is yours »

Imagine an18-carat pink gold ring inlaid with a line of diamonds: the new cult and essential piece we all dream of with its ultra-pure lines and truly magical design…

Its high added value? The diamond band that you can turn, like a ribbon integrated in the ring: a totally addictive ritual gesture!

We like: an iconic piece that we showcase everywhere we go, with a pair of jeans or a tuxedo jacket, to enhance a party-girl outfit, giving you that extra stylish touch.

Possession ring in pink gold inlaid with a diamond, rotating bands: 2 280€

Possession ring inlaid with 46 diamonds, rotating bands: 5 150€

All the information on: www.piaget.fr

Also discover Piaget, 7 paix, the new cult address of Parisiennes


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