Or du monde: the new collection of engagment rings

Tendem Amoureux, the new collection of sustainable jewellery, OR DU MONDE

We have a little game for you! Close your eyes and imagine yourself next to your betrothed. To which iconic couple could you be compared to?

A rather badass, brainy, powerful or arty duo …?

Be sure to think this through, because it is without a doubt the best way to visualize your engagement ring. If the proposal or wedding are around the corner, we have a glam’ and green special option just for you.

Pioneer in the use of recycled gold, the French label of sustainable jewellery, OR DU MONDE, has just unveiled Tandem Amoureux, its new daring and poetic collection of precious rings. 6 models, all showcased by a duo of symmetric solitaires, like an ode to love, built hand in hand …


 Portrait of Gala and Salvador Dalí and the ring Passion and Exil

An obvious encounter, a need to see and touch the other one, an inspiring relation that transports you like a painter and his muse… Your passion brings to mind the arty bonding between Gala and Salvador Dalí.

Their OR DU MONDE solitaire is lit up by two diamonds of 0,10 carat, delicately interlaced, presented by a shooting star of diamonds, for a very refined result and a surrealistic touch, naturally.


Portrait of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre with the anticonformist ring

Two strong characters, a common passion for literature, raw and free love … Between you and your lover, it’s like cat and dog, like Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. 

Even if the two never married despite a romantic idyll of more than 50 years, OR DU MONDE has imagined a homage ring with 20 diamonds of 0,30 carat and interlaced ribbons until the encounter of two 0,25 carat diamonds. As original as it is elegant...


 Portrait of Michelle and Barack Obama with the Authenticity and Natural Ring

You and him, it’s for life. No matter what, you are there for each other, you don’t hesitate to step aside in order for the other one to be in the limelight when necessary, and have a remarkable mutual admiration. In short, your love story is comparable to the one of Michelle and Barack Obama!

Far from being glitzy, their delicate jewellery piece designed by OR DU MONDE consists in two 0,15 carat sparkling diamonds.


 Portrait of Barbara Gittings and Kay Lahusen with the Ring Freedom and Modernity

Credit: Photo by Ray Harriman. Courtesy Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library

A mixed couple LGBTQI+, with or without age difference and no matter the origins… For you, love is universal! Such as the first noticeable activist and openly lesbian couple Barbara Gittings and Kay Lahusen, you set forth a strong sense of freedom.

The OR DU MONDE jewellery piece representing them comprises two 0,06 carat diamonds forming only one, intertwined under the sparkle of a 24-diamond paving.

A contemporary and graphic marvel.


 Portrait of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg with the ring Demesure and Rock

Between you it’s all fire and flame. Together, through thick and thin, your tandem overcomes all the barriers, but not without a little drama to spice up the affair. In short, your totem couple is Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, whose passionate romance still fascinates today.

This 100 miles an hour love story needs to occur at least once in a life time. It is sealed forever with the resolutely rock n’ roll creation of OR DU MONDE, highlighting two 0,14 carat diamonds that showcase an intense sparkle on a bright gold thread.


 Portrait of Yoko Ono and John Lennon with the Fusional Creativity Ring

You have clearly found your alter ego, and for that we applaud loudly. You understand each other with a simple gaze, only your love for each other counts and the rest of the world is accessory. Just like Yoko Ono and John Lennon, you couldn’t care less what others say about your more than fusional relation (#hatersgonnahate).

Refined yet modest, the OR DU MONDE jewellery piece that will come enhance your exceptional duo is illuminated by two 0,30 carat diamonds. No need for more!

www.ordumonde.com collection Tandem Amoureux

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