The ten best books to listen to in the car this summer

This summer, no need to strain your eyes when it comes to culture and leisure! For long car rides or naps in the sun, pick from our selection of the best audio books in French and in English—click on play and enjoy!

1) To revise the classics

Your high school literature classes and memories seem (very) far? No panic, you can now rediscover the great classics without effort, just by opening up your ears! From Princesse de Montpensier by Madame de Lafayette to Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo including Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the site and the Audible application is teeming with great novels. The advantage of these books now in the public domain? They are a lot less expensive !

2) To amuse the kids

To kill time during long road trips, what could be better than telling fanciful stories to your children? With this collection of tales for children,  Les 20 plus beaux contes pour enfants that mingles Perrault, Andersen or the Grimm brothers, you will have more than five hours of quiet ahead of you!

20 plus beaux contes pour enfants on, €5.99

3)To catch up on all the must-have-read books

“Whaaaaaat you haven’t read the novel by Pierre Lemaître?” In order to avoid this kind of snide remark from your mother-in-law,  you should be aware that Pierre Lemaître himself has undertaken a reading of his last novels including the famous Goncourt, The Great Swindle, recently adapted to the cinema by Albert Dupontel. The second instalment of this saga, Couleurs de l’incendie, is also available in a French audio version. No more excuses, the novel is only a click away!

The Great Swindle by Pierre Lemaître on or the Audible app: €21.60

Couleurs de l’incendie: € 21.60

4) To shiver like at the movies

You love being scared? So be ready to shake and listen to the read version of Jaws by Peter Benchley to rediscover the great white shark that feeds the psychosis during the summer of 1975 on Amity island... You are terrified of sea life? Forget it!

Jaws by Peter Benchley on, €19.95

5) To vibrate like in a series

You watched the series Game of Thrones, so don’t hesitate to launch into the many original volumes of Georges R.R. Martin. You have no more excuses! No less than eight volumes of the series are featuring Lannister and Stark live in an audio version to make you even more addict than to the HBO series!

Game of Thrones, tomes 1 to 8 on, from €9.99 to €21.99

6) To show off at a dinner party

If you are lucky enough not to have read Histoire Mondiale de la France by Patrick Boucheron, get ready for a treat and some major historical culture! After listening to this book that recalls France, from the Chauvet cave discovery to the events of 2015, you will no doubt impress all the geeks who love to show off their knowledge during war summer dinners !

Global History of France by Patrick Boucheron read by Matthieu Buscatto on, €31.05

7) To lead a healthy and happy life

Do you know why the inhabitants of Okinawa island in Japan live longer and fall less sick than the rest of the world? If you wish to know the magic secrets of Japanese-style happiness, Ikigai, make a bee line for this audio book filled with good advice to learn how to love and listen to one’s self.

The little book of Ikigai by Bettina Lemke on, €5.95

8) To dive back into childhood

What could be better than listening to The Little Prince before falling asleep and rekindle childhood memories? This is now possible: so plug in your speakers, close your eyes (except if you are driving) et and step back to your tender age listening to this philosophical tale.

The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry on Google Play, €4.99 or on

9) To boost your memory

Your memory seems to shrink each day? It’s because you are not using it correctly! In order to memorize entire courses, the faces and names of person you meet or then general cultural information on, the audio version of the amusing book Boost your memory by Jean-Yves Ponce is amazingly efficient. You will no longer be a goldfish!

Boost your memory by Jean-Yves Ponce on, €21.95

10) For the lovely voice of Sophie Marceau

Your certainly remember your first readings of Les Malheurs de Sophie by the Comtesse de Ségur. Good news, whether they know how to read or not, you children will be able to enjoy them in the car or before beddy bye time with this book-CD and as bonus, the pretty voice of Sophie Marceau!

Les Malheurs de Sophie by the Comtesse de Ségur read in French by Sophie Marceau on, €5.99

Héloise Rocca

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