3 tips for investing in a luxury bag

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Let the one who has never dreamed of affording a Chanel bag cast the first stone. It's very simple: with each small (or big) cash inflow, you wonder if the time has come to start, before the prices simply become unattainable.

Whether you have managed to put aside €1,000, €5,000 or €10,000, it would be a shame not to invest them to make them grow. Sara Bennani , director of the leather goods department of the luxury vintage site Collector Square , gave us some tips for choosing the right goose. Bingo!

1 - We invest in safe values

The second-hand market having its own rating, the profits can quickly turn out to be astronomical: “ At Hermès, we note a growth rate of +45% in two years. It is enormous ! “But it's out of the question to act on impulse with models that won't sell, or sell badly.

With more than 15,000 objects on the site and more than 4,000 bags online, it's hard to make a choice on Collector Square ... Sara Bennani first advises not to scatter: “ In leather goods, it's about moving towards cult models such as the Birkin and Kelly from Hermès , the Speedy , Keep-All , Alma and some limited editions from Louis Vuitton (such as the iconic collaboration with Jeff Koons , much sought after) or the Timeless , the 2.55 and Chanel 's Boy .

For a first purchase, Sara Bennani also recommends starting with classic pieces and colors: “ Black, gold, etoupe (for Hermès in particular) or monogram canvas, for Vuitton for example. “These are sure values, which do not discount.

2 - We choose a bag in very good condition

In leather goods , condition is a very, very important criterion. For vintage or more recent pieces, the important thing is to check the condition of the trim, the leather, the corners of the bag, if all the elements and small details are in place before buying.

Also be careful that any restoration of the product has been carried out according to the rules of the trade and with respect for the original product. For this, we examine whether it blends invisibly with the patina of the bag: “ The brands have after-sales services to manage this kind of thing. When customers go to do the restorations directly with the brands, it's even better since the parts are original and signed.

3 - We take advantage of it!

Leather goods and luxury are also a matter of pleasure. We do not hesitate to take advantage of its treasure by wearing it as soon as the occasion lends itself to it. Be careful all the same: “ Above all, we take care of them to keep them as well as possible: we don't put them on the ground, we don't expose them in a damp or too dry room ”, recalls Sara Bennani. “ Using them is the added pleasure of knowing that your bag increases in value every year!

And for good reason: luxury models, whether iconic or more affordable (the Constance by Hermès , the Classic Box by Celine , the Kate by Saint Laurent , the Baguette by Fendi , etc.) easily offer 30% to 70% discount compared to new. In short: it's time to let go of your booklet A.

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