3 good reasons to watch Halston, the Ryan Murphy's series with Ewan McGregor

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For his third series in a year after Ratched and Hollywood , Ryan Murphy paints a portrait of a fashion designer more truly known in France, with a completely romantic fate. Miniseries in 5 episodes that can be devoured like a good book, Halston operates a sparkling dive into the great years of fashion in New York. 3 good reasons to watch it tonight.

To learn all about this iconic stylist

Her clients were called Jackie Kennedy , the socialite Babe Paley and her great friend Liza Minnelli (played exactly by Krysta Rodriguez , incredibly bubbly). His name may not ring a bell, yet the couturier Roy Halston Frowick was a hit across the Atlantic from the sixties to the eighties. Inspired by the success of Ralph Lauren , he began as a hatter before extending his collections to the entire female wardrobe. , right down to its best-selling fragrance.

Like a New York Saint Laurent, Halston had also become a symbol of the fashion / party / drugs / sex combo from his HQ Studio 54 , equivalent to the Palace where he organized THE crazy parties where you absolutely had to be seen. A flamboyant personality, known for his extravagances (including his habit of having his potatoes / caviar delivered by plane to his vacation home) and of course his ultra-feminine creations which competed at the time Oscar de la Renta .

For Ewan McGregor

He had already amazed us by playing Jim Carrey's guy in I love you Phillip Morris . Not that Ewan McGregor is now confined to the roles of sensitive and deeply endearing gays, but it must be said that he has no equal to embody them. The Scottish actor continues to demonstrate the extent of his palette in this composition frankly at the height of the troubled character he embodies. Sometimes a homebody, sometimes a party animal. Very well surrounded, but consumed by the trauma of a beloved mother abused by her husband. Independent as much as possible, but forced to resell his name to pay off his debts. A duality embodied with the great gentleness of the one we definitely like to see in the series credits, after his role in Fargo which has also earned him a Golden Globe .

For the signature atmosphere of Ryan Murphy


Once again after Hollywood , Ryan Murphy recreates a complete universe for a real series of atmosphere, between the workshop of the beginnings and those of success in the skyscrapers near the clouds, the fashion competition in Versailles or the house holidays at the water's edge, the superb parades or the party outfits that make you want to be there. The creator of Glee , Ratched and American Horror Story continues his ascent with his third creation of the year (just that!), Not sloppy so far and which will appeal to fashion enthusiasts and nostalgic for the big social celebrations of the time.

Already available on Netflix

Also discover the romantic comedy which is a hit on Amazon Prime Video and the Doctor Foster series against a backdrop of deception and revenge .

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