Pop make-up at mini prices


Feeling beautiful and sexy without paying top euro? Such is the new motto of Etam that has just launched an ultra complete make-up line inspired by the refreshing universe of its underwear.

The cult lingerie line is really up to par with what today’s girls want, offering a huge range of products, 600 references in total, with evocative names such as « gaze support» for eye shadows (5,90€), push-up complexion for foundations, lash push-up for mascaras (5,90€)… All at super affordable prices!.

We like: pairing up our lipstick with our undies, even if it’s doubtful that this mix and match is obvious to gents.

The plus: accessories (make-up brushes) and bath products, for bubbly moments in the tub.

Sold in a selection of boutiques and on the Etam e-shop.

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