10 precious jewels to give to your mother

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On June 7 , you will have to arrive for Sunday lunch with a little gift under your arm for Mother's Day . Are you drying out? Discover our selection of pretty jewelry for all budgets and which will surely please him. Word of honor.

A bracelet with his zodiac sign

Bracelet médaille signe astrologique, Atelier de Famille

Your mom judges people based on their star sign . You've heard her say from your ex after breakup that lion and fish couldn't get along anyway.

The right jewel: a medal bracelet with its star sign , to be personalized on the back with an engraving of your choice for a tribute with a double cool kiss effect.

Astrological sign medal bracelet, Family Workshop , € 51

Couture earrings

Boucles d'oreilles Callie en laiton finitions laquées, perles de culture et cristal, Chloé

Your mom is a fashion lover who follows the trends spotted on the catwalks.

The right jewel: designer earrings right in the obsession of the moment with a clever mix of gold , pearls and crystal for a skilfully crafted result. His ears are not pierced? Never mind, it is also possible to clip them.

Callie earrings in brass with lacquered finishes, cultured pearls and crystal, Chloé , € 320

A new generation pearl necklace

Collier de perles Plainsong, Margaux Studios

Your mom places the pearl necklace as her stylistic signature. Except that the BCBG accessories, after a certain age, it gets old ...

The right jewel: we transfer our obsession to a very Marie-Antoinette jewel but yet more modern with irregular freshwater pearls and a small yellow heart to prove your love to her.

Plainsong pearl necklace, Margaux Studios , around 95 €

A precious box with watch and bracelet

Gift box La Tétragone Watch & Slider Bracelet Gold, Cluse

Your mom is a schedule freak who has spent half her life getting ahead.

The right jewel: a box including a beautiful golden square-dial watch accompanied by a delicate bracelet in tone. Because the hour is the hour !

Gift box La Tétragone Watch & Slider Bracelet Gold, Cluse , € 129.95

A dedication bracelet

Bracelet Maman Perle, Atelier Paulin

Your mom is a true chieftain who is overflowing with love for her whole family.

The right piece of jewelry: the iconic Atelier Paulin limited-edition bracelet with a " mother " hand-formed from gold thread and framed by two river pearls. Too handsome.

Maman Perle bracelet, Atelier Paulin , € 220

A pretty protective medal

Amulettes et créoles à assembler, Bisavó

Your mom is crazy about elegant little touches that bring good luck and protect. Did you say superstitious?

The right jewel: a set of traditional Portuguese medals to celebrate your love or faith, all made in the North of the country and to slip on a chain or a pair of hoops .

Amulets and hoops to assemble, Bisavó , from € 65

A crystal bar

une barrette ronde à ornements cristaux qui rappelle les couronnes de la Grèce antique, pour sophistiquer et maintenir avec un fermoir barre qui ne casse pas le cheveu.

Your mom loves to take care of her mane and is constantly looking for new easy hairstyles.

The right jewel: a round bar with crystal ornaments reminiscent of the crowns of ancient Greece, for sophistication and hold with a bar clasp that does not break the hair.

Barrette, Shrimps, € 80 on sale at € 32 on www.matchesfashion.com

A personalized padlock collar

Collier cadenas à graver, PD Paola

You and your mom is a total fusion. Only a strong symbol could represent the strength of your unconditional love.

The right jewel: a necklace with a padlock pendant , representing your unbreakable link and to be engraved with its initial or an icon that resembles you.

Padlock necklace to engrave, PD Paola , € 65

Rushes to accumulate

Joncs à accumuler, Gas Bijoux

Your mom likes to sing her bracelets around her wrist as her arms move. And you find this sound reassuring.

The right jewel: the accumulation of golden bangles of different widths and styles for a decidedly sophisticated effect.

Rings to accumulate, Gas Bijoux , from 65 €

A colorful ring in gold and diamonds

Alliance coeur diamants et or jaune, Yvonne Leon

Your mom has luxury tastes. Never mind, it's time to make a common pot with all the siblings and break the bank to make them happy.

The right jewel: a sublime ring in yellow gold and diamonds with inserts in pink, turquoise, coral or green enamel.

Diamond and yellow gold heart wedding ring, Yvonne Leon , € 1250, available in store at 25 rue du Vieux Colombier, 75006 Paris

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