A chic spread in 5 minutes flat

Pate A Tartiner

Do It Yourself in chic junk-food version is in fact a spread to be made at home in a jiffy... Condensed milk addicts are going to be in heaven!


Preparation: 20 min

Cooking time: 5 min


1/ Mix very finely chopped nuts.

2/ In a bain-marie double pot, melt the praline chocolate, the black chocolate and the condensed milk.

3/ Once melted, mix and add the powdered nuts.

4/ Pour everything in a blender.

5/ Add the liquid cream, the salt and the semi-salty butter

6/ Mix again.

7/ Place in a jar and set aside in a cool place.


The spread can be made several days ahead of time. You can keep it for several weeks in a cool place: remove the crust on the surface before tasting.


It would be just as delicious with a nice country loaf of bread, a brioche or crêpes….

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100 g of whole nuts

150 g of praline chocolate

50 g of black chocolate

150 g of sweet condensed milk

10 cl of liquid cream

2 pinches of salt

20 g of semi-salty butter

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