The ultra easy recipe for white chocolate spread

Pate A Tartiner Chocolat Blanc Fait Maison

Secretly or openly at tea time, spreads are the big treat of most persons with a sweet tooth. Childhood souvenirs or the delight of older gourmets, here is a quick look at the recipe combining vanilla and white chocolate.

For 4 pots of 120g

Make sure to respect the emulsion process and the right temperature when you pour the mix into jars in order to avoid for the spread to take on a sandy texture. You can keep it in a jar during about 45 days at 17 °C. Once the jars are open, the spread can be kept in the refrigerator during 15 days.


In a pan, bring the cream to a boil. Add the slit and grated vanilla pods, and allow to infuse for 10 minutes.

Strain the preparation, then incorporate the inverted sugar and the concentrated milk. Heat again. Partially melt the white chocolate with the clarified butter in a micro-wave oven. Slowly pour the boiling previous preparation on top while whipping briskly with a whisk until your obtain a shiny mixture, sign of a beginning emulsion.

Add the liquid vanilla, then mix with the help of a plunging mixer to perfect the emulsion.

When the ganache reaches 35 °C, pour it in four hermetic glass jars of 120 g each, close and set aside at 17 °C.


Also discover the recipe for a no-lactose spread and the vanilla fritters by Christophe Adam.

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- 70g of liquid cream with 35 % of fat

- 4 vanilla pods

- 20g de inverted sugar

- 70g of unsweetened concentrated milk

- 200g of white chocolate

- 30g of clarified butter

- 10g of liquid vanilla

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