A fun and sexy free dance class!

Un Cours De Danse Fun Et Sexy 100 Gratuit

Do you know Voga? On the cusp between voguing, the cult dance of the 80’s made popular by Madonna, and yoga, this dance class, already a big hit in London and Ibiza, has finally landed in Paris. And it’s free!

The concept? During one hour take on modeling poses while following movements of synchronized breathing in a slightly off-the-wall ambiance. And when you look at the bombshell silhouette of teacher Juliet Murrell, you will want to play the game.

Quickly book your place for the next session that will take place on Thursday 23 October at 6:30 pm in a room at Eléphant Paname, the arty space dedicated to dance.

P.S. : think of bringing a tight-fitting and flashy costume, Vita Coco is in charge of drinks.

Voga, Thursday 23 October 2014 at 6h30pm  (duration 1h). Following sessions on 23 January and 20 February 2015.

Sign up on email at colettegym@colette.fr (free course, depending on availability).

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Where to find it?

Elephant Paname

10, rue Volney

75002 Paris

01 49 27 83 33


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