This summer, switch to G7 mode, we will reimburse you for your plane tickets!

G7 Test

Imagine… What could you have done if your plane ticket to Formentera, Nice, Mykonos, Naples, Lisbon, New York or Bali had been free?

  • Book the mattresses of a hot beach every day
  • Pay for the services of a Mary Poppins to chill while we manage your kids
  • Have a table with a bottle in the club everyone's talking about
  • Treat yourself to a day on a boat with a skipper
  • Own the jersey and glasses of your dreams
  • Have a private coach to sculpt a bikini body at the beach

We continue ?

Life can be easier than it looks.

Every day for 10 days, a customer who orders a ride from Paris to the airport via the G7 app will be drawn. And his plane ticket will be reimbursed.

Are you going on a weekend or vacation between July 1 and July 10? Book a taxi on the G7 app . It's € 30 or € 35 for Orly, € 50 or € 55 for Roissy, no surprises on arrival: prices are fixed and your holiday budget is reduced.

Isn't life beautiful?

Try your luck and download the app

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