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Astuces Beaute Eclat

Difficult to display a radiant complexion in the middle of January, in the cold and the gray. It's a bit of an obsession for good looks for everyone! After careful investigation, we give you the advice and little secrets of the pro to wake up the radiance of your skin and be in a good mood.

The connected healthy glow tool

masques en tissu enrichie en acide hyaluronique

Combining a high-end mini box with masks with sharp Korean formulas, the new Ufo tool from Foreo promises us in 90 seconds a luminous complexion and a healthy glow all winter long. In our hands, a small box on which rests a microfiber fabric mask, soaked in a formula chosen according to the needs of its skin, and always enriched with hyaluronic acid . Then we follow the 3 phases of treatment.

Step 1: heating mode to open the pores and thoroughly into the assets in no time.

Step 2: cryotherapy method for deflating the pockets and tighten pores. Very pleasant pulsations during the treatment stimulate the absorption of the active ingredients.

3rd step: a LED sequence, a photo-therapeutic treatment with several wavelengths in three colors: red anti-aging, green for shine and blue against acne.

The plus: with the Foreo application , you can control the intensity and pulsations of the light and recharge the box with a USB key.

More info online

Ufo, Foreo , € 279. Currently on sale at 195.3 €.

The tips of a make-up artist

Resurfacing Mask Masque Resurfaçant Eclat Tata Harper, Lait-Crème Concentré Embryolisse, Blush à tout faire Peachy Pink Dr. Pawpaw, Brume de fleur d’oranger Santa Maria Novella

For an immediate boost of radiance, Richard Delassis , studio hairstylist and makeup artist, first advises to rehydrate your skin well by applying Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask for 5 minutes , the brand that is a hit in LA Then, as a makeup base, milk Embryolisse concentrated cream , which models love because it is odorless and very hydrating. Then, just on the cheekbones and lips, a hint of coral pink with Dr. Pawpaw Multi-Purpose Blush . As a final touch, a splash of orange blossom mist from Santa Maria Novella . Result: glowing skin all day!

Resurfacing Mask Radiance Resurfacing Mask, Tata Harper, € 62 on

Concentrated Milk-Cream, Embryolisse , € 8

Peachy Pink all-purpose blush, Dr. Pawpaw , € 7

Orange blossom mist, Santa Maria Novella , € 24 for 250ml - available atBon Marché

The advice of an anti-aging dermatologist

conseils d'un dermatologue

The assistant of Dr Catherine Gaucher , dermatologist specializing in homeopathy, acupuncture and laser, recommends the brand new Carboxy CO2 gel mask , of Korean origin. A marvel for an immediate radiance boost.

Quèsaco? The Carboxy CO2 consists of a gel and a mask. It generates CO2 gas when the two come into contact with each other. Once absorbed, CO2 induces oxygen from the blood into the tissues. Suddenly, it stimulates blood circulation and stimulates collagen .

The protocol :

Karelle, Dr. Gaucher's assistant, begins by cleaning the skin well and then applies a very gentle peel with fruit acids for 10 minutes to remove dead cells. After rinsing off the peel , she applies the gel for 20 min with the sheet on it for transfer. It tingles a bit. She then applies a serum with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C and, finally, sets her patient up for a small 12-minute session of LEAD (cold light with well-defined wavelengths) to reinforce the benefits of the mask.


In a one hour session, a luminous complexion , rehydrated , supple, brightened skin . Ideal when you have dark circles , because the mask is safe to apply under the eye and considerably attenuates the brown.

4 sessions for an anti-aging result, spaced every 15 days.

Price of the one hour session 200 €

The good gestures of a renowned masseuse

Massage visage

© Facebook / Patricia Mondargan Paris

Patricia Mondargan , masseuse of the stars , gives us her little expert keys to find in a few gestures a young girl's complexion.

  • To refresh the look : drain the lower eyelid with the pulp of the first phalanx of the index finger, flat on the eyelid. Start with the inside of the eye, circling gently towards the outside of the eye. Repeat the maneuver 3 or 5 times.
  • Sculpt the contour with a lifting effect : drain and smooth the contour of the oval of the face by holding the chin between thumb and forefinger. Starting from the middle of the chin, smooth towards the ear thumb flat under the jaw.
  • Restore pinkness to the cheeks : to plump the cheekbones, pinch the skin lightly between the pulp of the thumb and forefinger, starting from the inside to the outside of the face.

Also discover the 10 all-purpose milks and 3 massages to test to regain all its radiance .

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