Beauty gurus reveal their secret tips for summer

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Skincare, hair, make-up, sun protection… The beauty gurus reveal their top secret tips, the ones they only reserve for their best clients to stay on top this summer. Warning: nuggets in sight.

Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve cosmetics

The spot: the Dune du Pyla , in surf and idleness mode.

The beauty gesture of the summer: in the evening, I apply fresh cucumber like a stick on the face then the Hydra Malva mask (€21) in a thick layer. I let it sit overnight. In the morning, my skin is plumped up.

On vacation, never without: birch sap ( €13), in a fresh shot after my sports session. It's a marathon runner's tip that hydrates cells, flushes out toxins and prevents muscle soreness.

The trick to sting you: the braids stuck on wet hair, made in the evening after the shower by the daughters of my friends. I have mega straight hair, it gives me a little wavy effect that I love...

Marie-Line Serrier-Deglaire, Managing Director of Dr. Hauschka

The spot: on the Ile d'Yeu or on a hike in the Cévennes .

The beauty gesture of the summer: mix my body care with the Dr. Hauschka tinted emulsion (€22.40) for a discreet and natural tan and to enhance my tan at the end of the summer.

On vacation, never without: kraft bags to collect wild plants on the trails. I use them in herbal teas or to pimp up my summer salads.

The trick to sting you: to relieve my feet after walking, I immerse them in a basin of fresh water, with coarse salt and a sage bath plug (€18.60), the effect is ultra -relaxing and the smell is crazy. Top also in friction before the shower to have silky skin.

Brandon Lombardo, founder of the Bro hair salon

The spot: in tandem in Lisbon , on a boat or in a wild cove.

The haircare gesture of the summer: for a sunburn effect before departure, we opt for a very subtle sweep on the lengths. On the touch-up side: we darken the roots without touching the lengths, it creates an optical effect.

On vacation, never without: Tokio oil , the best. Ultra-light, it has a UV index and smells divine. I also recommend the Eugène Perma nutri-repair mask to my clients , to be applied in the morning to dry hair before going for a swim. It protects the hair fiber from salt and chlorine.

The trick to sting you: the colorful scarf worn like Brigitte Bardot with a big curtain fringe, it's very glamorous while protecting from UV. And it changes from the ponytail.

Sihame Bacetti, founder of The Skin Clinic

The spot: Asia, for its culture of wellness and beauty.

The good mood gesture of summer: get up at dawn to admire the sunrise and go back to bed an hour before starting your day. I call it the wake-up nap.

On vacation, never without: the Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream (€36), I love its vaseline texture that seals in hydration for a natural slugging effect. It's versatile: you can mix it with a blush on the cheekbones, apply it as a gloss on the lips, flatten your hair or moisturize your heels: it's the go-to cream that stays with me this summer.

The trick to sting you: the one I give to all my clients, renew their sun protection with the dry mist from SVR (€15.68), ideal for touch-ups because it does not stick and is totally invisible on the background of complexion.

Cyndie Galhac, makeup artist

The spot: the South with the family.

The make-up gesture of the summer: for the lips, I love the wet effect of Clarins Lip Comfort Oil oils . They have a slightly colored finish, all in transparency. The result is fresh and sparkling, like a gloss but without the sticky effect.

Never without: my Yves Saint Laurent mascara . An iconic basic. You have to work it quickly one eye after the other because it is waterproof and dries quickly. I put it flush with the eyelashes and I work the material zigzagging. To remove small traces, I use a cotton swab soaked in concealer, never make-up remover!

The trick to sting you: patches (€5.95) with cornflower water (€4.90). I use them on models for shoots. Great for boosting radiance and reducing dark circles.

Parisian model and Instagrammer Laetitia Genet @MagicTia

The spot: an ecolodge by the ocean with my lover.

The beauty gesture of the summer: the Body Fit gel from Clarins (€56.70), it's hot! Its texture is super pleasant and it is really effective in pulverizing cellulite. I use it as an intensive treatment two weeks before my lingerie shoots.

Never without: annatto oil from Purabali ( €21). It is rich in beta-carotene, protects against UV and hyperpigmentation. I apply it as a base under the sunscreen. The smell is crazy.

The trick to sting you: I always slip a tube of Catier clay into the suitcase (€6.60). It's good for everything: sore throat, bloating, mosquito bites or sunburn.

Emmanuelle Rodeghiero, founder of the Little Biceps Institute

The spot: the Côte d'Azur with the girlfriends.

The beauty gesture of summer: with the sun, we tend to squint our eyes and forehead more. To avoid wrinkling , I recommend massaging the forehead for 3 minutes a day: palm flat, stretch the muscle from bottom to top, raising the eyebrows. I use my favorite On the Wild Side oil made from wild plants (€39).

Never without: Repair Lightinderm (€339.90), a new beauty tool that I can't live without that combines light therapy , an anti-aging serum and a massage . I use it morning and evening during the exposure months. The results are incredible.

The beauty trick to sting you: the trampoline! It's my new passion. It's super fun, cardio and great for draining the lymphatic system . I invested in a Bellicon , the Rolls-Royce of its kind.

Julie Granger, coach and founder of The Studio Paris

The spot: the Amalfi Coast , Capri , Sorrento and the island of Ischia .

The healthy gesture of summer: take advantage of the hotel swimming pool to practice Brooklyn Barre® movements , a mix of Pilates and classical dance. We pedal in the water, trying to stretch the leg and tiptoe as much as possible to lengthen the silhouette and relieve heavy legs.

Never without: the Terracotta Blooming Bee by Guerlain (€49.90), the limited summer edition . A great alternative to look good without wearing too much makeup.

The tip to sting you: I replace my usual breakfast with a smoothie made with bananas, red fruits, oat milk and lots of ice cubes.

Naturopath Mary Capelle

The spot: anywhere as long as there is a beach!

The slimming gesture of the summer: in the summer, we tend to make gaps. To continue to have fun while staying healthy, I recommend the dissociated diet. The principle: do not eat certain foods together. We eat proteins and starches with vegetables, and especially not together. It's easy, satisfying and it allows you to destock naturally.

Never without: lemon eucalyptus essential oil (€4.33). I mix it with a vegetable oil for the body in the evening before going out. Top to repel mosquitoes in the restaurant.

The trick to sting you: add floral water in your gourd to force yourself to drink. You can choose it according to your needs: rosemary to clarify the skin, thyme to boost the immune system...

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