Cha Ling, the new tea-based cosmetic pearl

Cha Ling, the new tea-based cosmetic pearl

You surely already know Pu’Er tea. Harvested in far-flung areas of South-West China, its taste improves with time, exactly like wine.

Well, it just happens these magic leaves are also real anti-ageing and anti-oxydizing bombs. Proprieties recently set forth by Cha Ling, the new Franco-Chinese brand, under the aegis of LVMH, that has formulated state-of-the-art treatments thanks to this miracle ingredient.

The result is a three step routine: purify, detoxify, moisturize. And they feature terrific products fro the face, body, bath—concocted for each moment of the day.

Most surprising? The cleansing power (50€). In contact with water, it turns into foam, to be used morning and evening. Mixed with oil, it becomes a great scrub for the week-end. Another curiosity, the steam pill (3,50€) to be dissolved in a glass of hot water, for detoxifying skin inhalations ! Everything is produced in France in partnership with Guerlain.

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Where to find it?

Le Bon Marché

24, rue Sèvres

75007 Paris

01 44 39 80 00

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