Cleep, the trendy app that outdates pinterest

Cleep Application

If you are an expert at scrolling up and down on the sites of Asos, Zara and, we are quite sure that this new app is going to change your life. Here are 3 good reasons to immediately download Cleep, the free French app that is coming to the rescue of 2.0 shoppers.

1. To safeguard your favourite pieces in a sure place

As a pro of online scouting and virtual window-shopping, you accumulate screenshots: a bag spotted on an e-shop, a dress found on Instagram, an outfit to copy on Pinterest. Only pitfall? Suddenly you are ready, but impossible to remember where you saw it.

With Cleep, all your heart-throbs are downloaded on the app in one click. Even better, you can even organise and sort your favourite pieces by list (ex: Fall looks, perfect jeans, stylish earrings), whether it’s from your smartphone or your office laptop. Are you about to become the Bree Van de Kamp of shopping?

2. Put a stop to compulsive shopping

Who has not been a “victim” of the impulsive shopping syndrome, unable to resist a Sézane pullover (also the case for Maje, The Kooples, Mango…). It happens to all of us: anger, sadness, joy, our emotions sometimes overwhelm our judgement.

The advantage of Cleep? By regrouping all your heart-throbs on one app, considering the pros and the cons becomes super easy. The plus? Each piece is downloaded with all the necessary info—notably the price. For example: two very similar pleated skirts? In one fell swoop, you can make your decision. You banker will be very happy.

3. To spot trends before everyone else

Instagram, Pinterest, glossy fashion magazines … sources of inspiration are infinite. But concretely, what are the real must-haves, those the fashion sphere fantasizes about? And the crucial question: where to find them?

To find out, get your info directly from the source, on the wish lists of trendy gals. Through the Search mode of Cleep, of the community, comprising trendy influencers and fashionistas. They have the flair, you have the method. And since everything is shoppable, once you make your decision, you instantly know where to buy it. Very clever!

Download the app for free on iOS, Android or sign up on

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