Win a post-quarantine palace experience

Concours Ritz

What will be your first deluxe and gourmet experience when the quarantine is over? Always ready to pamper its darling Parisiennes, Do It In Paris has teamed up with the Ritz Paris so that you might win a very gourmet post COVID-19 experience.

Ready to start dreaming?

A dream scenario: the quarantine is over and the palaces have reopened. You can now stroll around Paris and go see your friends. You are wearing your prettiest summer dress, sunglasses and an it bag. In short: you are the it-girl. And you have a hot date with your +1.

The purpose of your promenade? Going back through the most chic revolving door of the Place Vendôme to nestle in the plush sofas of the Ritz’s Salon Proust or in the marvelous garden of the palace.

On the programme of treats

You are going to be able to best enjoy the most coveted tea time of all Paris: “le thé à la française”, a brilliant creation imagined by the pastry chef everyone is talking: François Perret. His signature? Bringing back seasonal biscuits and petits fours of yesteryear, accompanied by an infusion to be chosen from the most exclusive teas on the Right Bank, a latte frappé or a sinful hot chocolate... Proust could not have dreamt of a more regressive moment.

On the display tray: his mythical marble cake, the famous François Perret madeleine, but also small tarts, marshmallow teddies, his incredible barquettes and other small waffles with raspberry, luxuriously inspired by the Paille d’Or cookies of our childhood.


Contest over

€136: a French-style tea time for two persons at the Ritz Paris

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