Hair removal: 3 popular methods for silky smooth skin


Weather update: the mercury is rising, jeans are going into exile in the back of the dressing room, the season for exposed legs is officially declared. But before parading your little skirt in the wind in the front row of your favorite terrace, you have to clean up your skin. Here are our top three options for silky smooth skin (kitty included).

Painless salon hair removal with Epiloderm

The spot: La Cour des Anges , a beauty bubble in the heart of the 12th arrondissement. A nice institute on a human scale founded by Aurélie Dauteloup , who previously officiated in Parisian palaces.

The promise: A completely safe and painless patented protocol that (finally!) respects the physiology of the hair follicle. The secret: epilate in the direction of the hair growth using long strips of wax that go from the ankles to the thighs. Result: tabula shaved in a single gesture, farewell to the torture of bands removed in spurts.

The bright idea: A thermoactive wax based on natural pine resin that instantly adapts to the temperature of the skin. We cry genius.

Verdict: After a first pass in the direction of growth, Aurélie performs a second pass in the opposite direction to extract the down, which is finer and more fragile. Result: an immediate peeling effect and reduced growth from the first session. Something to reconcile us with the full jersey .

The Court of Angels , 8 rue Rondelet, Paris 12th. Half-legs, armpits, bikini package: €40. More info online .

Simone, the life-saving app

The lease: H minus 4 before THE date that could change everything. Damned: your favorite beautician is full and you really need a refresh. The solution ? Simone! Nah, not your tata from Normandy, but the home beauty services app operational 7 days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. And hop, in three clicks we book an express weeding of the kitty, neither seen nor known.

The high added value: Handpicked beauticians and the possibility of choosing when booking.

The weapon of the crime: classic hair removal with high-end waxes from Perron Rigot or the oriental version based on sugar, lemon and honey.

Packages from €48. More info online .

The Rolls-Royce of pulsed light hair removal

The object of desire: Ulike Diamond Air+, the latest toy signed CurrentBody , the Dyson of beauty devices that drives the skincare planet crazy with each innovation (the anti-aging LED mask that all forty-somethings love: it's them!) With its ultra-sleek design, mini size and emerald dress, it 's the jewel epilator that slams into the bathroom.

The technological prowess: Pulsed light which can de-zinc more than 80% of the bulbs and slow down regrowth. Not to mention a cooling system that reduces heat and protects the epidermis . Sensitive skin will love it.

Verdict: A painless and almost permanent extermination of hair and a wow look that justifies the maddening price. To try it is to adopt it.

U Like Diamond Air €329. Find it online .

Also discover hair removal at home: how to manage without a beautician and the tips of a top for fairy feet .

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