12 cool and unusual escape games

Les Meilleurs Escape Games

How about trying an escape game ? More trendy than ever, this phenomenon is confirmed in the most unusual places in the capital. We have identified the best of the moment, to be tested once in your life…

Escape from Paris: the greenest

The Escape toi de Paris escape game

For who ? Those who need a vacation.

The pitch? Parisians at their wit's end are holding the “ escape ” activity of the moment: the most ephemeral of escape games invites itself to an old station in Poinçon for a free getaway in the open air without leaving Paris.

Paris is polluted and you have to find the access exit to access Eure-et-Loire , the green and chill region less than an hour from the capital. Participants will have 20 minutes to decipher the secret codes and activate the secret passage module before the doors close to the green paradise where life is good .

Escape from Paris , from Wednesday May 11 to Saturday May 14, non-stop from noon to midnight. Free admission.

Le Poinçon , 124 avenue du General Leclerc, Paris 14th. From 10 years old.


Mystery game at the Conciergerie: the most paranormal

Escape Game Mystery Game

For who ? The X-Files nostalgics .

The pitch? The appointment is made at the Conciergerie de Paris, this mythical place which was both the antechamber of power in the Middle Ages and the prison of Marie-Antoinette .

Warning: secret defense! The participants agree to slip into the shoes of experts from the Extrasensory Investigation Agency worthy of the UFO series to conduct an investigation into paranormal phenomena noticed between the Gothic vaults and the darkness of the dungeons of the Ile de la Cité. ... Sensitive souls refrain !

Mystery Game , until the end of June at the Conciergerie de Paris, 2, bd du Palais, 1st. From 14 years old. Tickets at €27. 01 53 40 60 80.

Threat to Paris at Carnavalet: the most technical

Escape game Menace sur Paris

For who ? Capital enthusiasts.

The pitch? Go to the incredible museum of the city of Paris which tells its story from Lutèce until today.

Objective for your tribe: deliver a message to save Paris from a terrible cyber-attack that threatens to erase the memory of all its inhabitants. Players have 80 minutes flat to find six enigmatic objects in the museum and crack the computer code. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental...

Threat to Paris , at the Carnavalet museum, admission €20, reduced price €15. Starting from 7 years old.

23, rue de Sévigné, Paris 3rd. Every Wednesday from May 18, at 2 p.m. On reservation .

The Count's crypt at the Château de Thoiry: the most haunted castle

Escape Game au château de Thoiry

For who ? Thrill seekers.

The pitch? Sensitive souls abstain, it will take courage and resist the pressure to come out unscathed from the game. Here we leave the tapestries and carved wooden ceilings of the Renaissance in favor of the vaulted cellars of the castle, atmosphere of little ghosts and guaranteed anxiety! Players will have to follow in the footsteps of Raoul II Moreau , the first owner of the castle and unravel the enigmas between manipulations, excavations and reflections to be freed from the basements.

The count's crypt , sessions every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Admission €30, reduced price €23.

Château de Thoiry, 2 rue Pavillon de Montreuil, 78770 Thoiry. From 12 years old.

The dream cabinet at the Grévin museum: the most fantastic

L'armoire aux rêve au Musée Grevin

For who ? Chronicles of Narnia Addicts .

The pitch? Rendez-vous with Houdini , the American magician who died a century ago who takes possession of the premises and returns to the Grévin Museum for a terrifying escape game.

The tour starts as a group at the entrance to the museum, which hides its biggest secret: a giant wardrobe inside which an actor playing Houdini awaits us . The king of conjuring claimed to be able to get out of a prison cell in 30 minutes. The participants therefore have the same amount of time to decipher the codes of one of the four padlocks in the room and the many clues to free the illusionist who has been trapped for 100 years following one of his magic tricks. Not even afraid !

The dream cabinet , every day from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., adult admission €12, child €10.

Grévin Museum, 10 boulevard Montmartre, Paris 9th. From the age of 8.

© Paris Secret Fever

Spirit are you there, at the Quai Branly Museum: the most scientific

Escape Game Esprit es tu là au Quai Branly

For who ? Followers of Marie Curie.

The pitch? Put on your white coat to play Professor Tournesol at the Quai Branly museum, more particularly in its museum library where researchers and scientists work on the preservation of works. Once inside the room, an incident occurs and the participants will have to show ingenuity to get out: puzzles but also manipulations of replicas of works from the museum, as well as passwords to bring back to the agent present (a tough guy not really pleasant) who controls the game.

One-hour sessions every Thursday, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., admission €20, reduced price €15.

Spirit are you there? Quai Branly Museum, 222 rue de l'Université, Paris 7th. From 15 years old.

© Vincent Mercier

Save the cinema, at the Grand Rex: the most exclusive

escape game Sauvez le cinéma au Grand Rex

For who ? Movie fans.

The pitch? No need to be a fan of the 7th art to win. We go backstage at the cinema to find Jacques Haï k , the creator of the Grand Rex . Our mission ? Save film rolls destroyed by an infernal machine. But be careful, for this you will have to find the secret codes that will unlock the doors of the eight rooms to be gradually traversed, without ever being able to go back. Another peculiarity? Scores to achieve in each room and prizes to be won.

Open every day from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. From €28 per person. From 10 years old.

Le Grand Rex, 1 boulevard Poissonnière, Paris 2. Online reservations .

The last Templars, at the Keep of the Republic: the most chivalrous

escape game Les Derniers Templiers

For who ? Fans of Stéphane Bern .

The pitch? Teleportation in the year 1314 in Paris, in the Dungeon, stronghold of Philippe le Bel and HQ of the Templars which offers the perfect setting to create emotion between intrigues, curses, darkness and secret passages.

The context: “ Jacques de Molay , the last Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, perished at the stake. With him the mythical order of the Templars died out… Today, it is said that a treasure is still guarded. The order is threatened with extinction and seeks new members to pursue its noble goal. “Everyone to your armours!

Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. From €25 per person. From 12 years old.

The Keep, Place de la République, Paris 11th. Online reservations .

Titanic at the Majestic: the most essential

L'escape game Titanic au Majestic

For who ? Cold-blooded adventurers.

The pitch? Remember to take the pill against seasickness before boarding the Titanic , this game turns out to be more sporty than you think.

Immersion in the shipwreck, at the level of the engine room where Rose and Jack are hiding in the Oscar -winning cult film . The participants find themselves in the condemned part of the boat and the time (60 min) is counted before sinking into the depths of the ocean. We tremble in front of the well-made artifices, the sound staging and the special effects of the machines which seem real and will delight lovers of escape games .

A word of advice: not recommended for cloisters!

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. From €25. From 12 years old, accompanied by two adults.

Majestic , 2 rue Francaise, Paris 1st. Online reservations .

Virtual Room: the most 2.0

l'escape game Stargate au Virtual Room

For who ? The nerds.

The pitch? We go to the next level with Virtual Room , certainly the most high-tech escape game in Paris with its connected objects (headphones, earpieces and controllers) that take you into the world of video games. It is possible to choose its level among the different “ chapters ” as well as stylish themes from ancient Egypt to missions on the Moon .

The new “ Press startmission is an immersion like Stargate-SG1 : sucked into an arcade terminal, you will be transported into the world of gaming. As in video games, you will have to go through the stages in order to return to the real world.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. From €25. From 12 years old.

Virtual room , 35 boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris 11th. Online booking .

69 Shades of Gray at Destination Danger: The Most Erotic

L'escape game 69 nuances de Grey

For who ? BDSM lovers.

The pitch? Destination danger offers the most ole-ole attraction of the season with a rather naughty escape game on the theme “ 69 shades of Grey ” with all the paraphernalia that goes with it, enough to make Hugh Hefner green . So you put on your most beautiful latex outfit, your stilettos to venture into the 100% BDSM dungeon where you will have to face the sexiest trials with your whip or your sex toy.

Sessions every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., admission €25. From 18 years old.

Destination danger , 66 boulevard Voltaire, Paris 11th. Tickets on reservation .

Alice in Wonderland at Phobia: the craziest

Escape Game Phobia Alice aux pays des merveilles

For who ? The eternal latecomers.

The pitch? It's a real arty game that is offered to players: special effects, graphic lights, wallpapered walls, materials and details that make you lose your head...

The most difficult thing is not to be distracted by the actors straight out of Lewis Caroll 's novel , whose speaking rate is particularly intrusive during the quest for clues. To get out of the game, you will need a lot of patience, curiosity and cogitation in the face of puzzles from the easiest to the most ambiguous, be careful not to sink into madness!

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets from €20. From 12 years old.

Phobia , 127 rue Jeanne d'Arc, Paris 13th. Online reservations .

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